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The History of Carpet

We have already discussed the history of hardwood flooring, so now it is time to go over one of the oldest flooring options in history — carpet. Just like hardwood flooring, carpet has a rich history that needs to be out there. Plus, you never know when you will use this knowledge on a trivia game. So get your thinking caps on because we are going over the history of carpet. 

Earliest Discover

Before hardwood, vinyl, laminate and tile flooring stole the hearts of homeowners, people could not get enough of carpet. The oldest carpet ever found was in Southern Siberia. It was a Pazyryk carpet found in a prince’s tomb. Scientists have estimated it to be from 500 BC. The weaving and design of this ancient carpet also suggest that the skills to create it go back 500 more years. While the people who lived in this area left the area in 400 BC, historians believe they migrated to Mongolia and took the carpet weaving skills with them. 

Ancient Mongolia

The history of carpet now leads us to Mongolia. Since the conquer of Ghengis Khan, everywhere that the Mongolians or Chinese took over like Turkey, Hungry and the Middle East, they brought carpet weaving with them. By the Yuan and Ming dynasties, carpets were all over China. Then by 1525, carpets made their way to India. Once it hit India, Britain was ready for a taste. 

17th Century

By the time the East India Trade Company began in India in the 17th century, carpet weaving was all over the country. At this time, India traded thousands of carpets every year to Britain. Carpets started hitting stores all over the United Kingdom, and it was not going to stop anytime soon. 

18th Century

By the 18th century, the United Kingdom had carpet from everywhere — Turkey, China, India, Hungry, the Middle East and more, but they were not satisfied completely. During this time, many British people were on the race to find a carpet made in the UK. Things started to take a turn in 1754 when Thomas Whittney mastered carpet weaving. He even weaved carpet for Prince Regent. By the late 1700s, the Industrial Revolution began in England and the United States, and that is where an increase of carpet weaving and producing began. 

19th Century

England and the United States both made power looms for weaving carpets in the early 1800s. These power looms increased production and made this flooring option available for all social classes. Throughout the 1800s, more power looms were created and adjusted to meeting demand needs. At the end of the 19th century, four brothers brought over 14 looms from England and created manufacturing facilities in New York. 

Early 20th Century

In the early 1900s, Americans were creating new carpets like Karnak Wilton. Many smaller carpet manufacturing companies were merging and creating big companies like Mohawk Carpet Mills, Bigelow Carpet Company and Alexander Smith and Sons. These carpet companies made it easy and affordable for many people to have carpets and rugs in their homes. 

The 1940s

By the 1940s, a group of American textile mechanics took apart two different looms and combined them to create tufting. This machine made carpet more clean, precise and fast. In just one day, it could make up to ten kilometers of carpet. Tufting created more jobs not only in factories but in department stores where businesses sold them.

The 1950s 

By the 50’s, synthetic fibers like nylon, acrylic, polyester and more were introduced to carpet, making them even cheaper to produce. Due to these more affordable and faster-produced carpets, many companies struggled to stay open. Many of these companies transitioned into other flooring options like hardwood. 


Today, carpet is still around and still the choice of many homeowners. Applications and manufacturing have become easier and faster. There are more styles, colors, textures and designs now compared to its beginnings. But it is cool to see where it all began. 

We hope you learned some fun facts about carpet. And if you are ready to install carpet in your home, call Valor Home Services today.