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What Hardwood Floors Are The Easiest To Clean?

We all have our own priorities when looking at flooring—especially hardwood flooring. For some homeowners in the O’Fallon area, their priority might be design. For others, maybe price is top-of-list.

Most of us do, however, share one priority in common: the practicality of maintenance. How easy is it to keep the hardwood floor up? How does it hold up over time?

We all want to keep our hardwood floors looking clean and new as long as possible. With so many options, however, it is hard to figure out which hardwood flooring will have that perfect combination of features you’re after. There is a perfect wood floor out there for you and our household, though. It’s just a matter of learning how to know which product that is.

One of Valor Home Services’ brand promises is better communication, and that starts before we even sign your project on. We’ll tell you right here, right now, what the main three factors are that dictate the maintenance needs of a hardwood floor.

  1. Color

    When it comes to keeping your hardwood floor looking new, darker woods scratch more easily. Even stains and dirt will be visible on these floors if you don’t have the optimal finish. You can still consider dark hardwood an option in rooms with less foot traffic.

    Lighter colors can hide dirt and dust well, and are a good option for low-maintenance. Even multi-toned hardwood floors are a good choice for easy-cleanup since they already have a naturally “stained” look about them.

  2. Resistance to humidity

    This is another factor that will make all the difference in keeping your hardwood floors in good shape. After all, that Midwest, summer humidity can make wood lose its shape, form, or color in less time than you might think.

    Some of the best wood floor options for low-maintenance include engineered woods. The interior of each piece is actually produced to prevent warping.

  3. What finish you select

    The finish you choose for your wood floor can keep the floor in great shape for considerably longer. Between your finish options of matt, satin, and gloss, the glossy finishes are the best for maintenance.

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