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Closet Organization Tips

Your closet holds many items like clothing, shoes and accessories. Since these spaces typically are small, you may have a hard time keeping things organized and stored properly. That is why we have this guide that goes over the best closet organization tips.

Color Coordinate

One of the easiest ways to keep your closet organized is by color coordinating. Color coordinating involves sorting items into the same or similar colors. This makes it easy for you to pair things together and put things back away.

Keep Seasonal Clothes Together

If you keep your seasonal clothing in your closet all year long, you need to make some adjustments to keep everything organized. We suggest keeping your seasonal clothes together. This way it is easier for you to find everything and move things along after each season.

Hanging Organization Racks

If you have a small closet, you need to utilize your space as much as possible. The best way to utilize this space is to add hanging organization racks into your closet. These hanging racks can hold shoes, clothing, accessories, towels, bags or anything else you want to store.

Clean Out Your Closet

A good rule to have, especially if you like to shop, is to consistently clean out your closet. You may do a big purge during the spring, but take it to the next level by doing a clean session each season. Be like Marie Kendo and only keep the items that bring you joy (or you see yourself wearing again). While you may be tempted to toss out your old items, we recommend donating all items in good condition. You can also donate shirts with stains, tears or holes to your local textile factory.

Shoe Storage

Have a place to keep your shoes organized and easy to find with shoe storage. There are many different storage options to choose from like, hanging cubbies, standing shelves, drawers and more. We recommend measuring the space in your closet and going with the one that will fit the best.

Install Shelves & Drawers

If you have wall space, we recommend installing shelves and drawers to store more items in your closet. You can find these shelving and drawer units at your local home store or supermarket. You can also find some online. Then, call your local handyman contractor like Valor Home Services to help you properly install them.

With this guide, you can organize your closet like a pro. Do you want to remodel your closet to match your needs and wants? Then, let Valor Home Services help. For more information, give us a call today.