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Common Misconceptions About Carpet

We already discussed the common misconceptions about hardwood floors, so now it is time to move on to the next — carpet. As the oldest type of flooring in history, carpet gets a bad rep. Many people have many misconceptions, myths or negative stories about carpet. All these elements may deter you away from thinking about this flooring option. But, we are here to end all the bad stigma by debunking these common misconceptions. 

Carpet Is Not Durable

As the oldest type of flooring in history, we can tell you that carpet is 100% durable. If you keep up with the maintenance and cleaning regime of having carpet, you can keep it for years. While we do not recommend keeping your carpet for more than 15-20 years, some homes have the original carpet from the 70s and 80s. Durability goes down with the less time you spend taking care of it. If you know that you do not have the time or patience to deal with carpet, then we recommend going with laminate or tile. 

You Cannot Have Pets or Children With Carpet

While taking care of carpet is a little more difficult with pets or children around, that does not mean it is impossible. Yes, children and pets have accidents, which can result in stains or damages on your carpet floors. However, if you immediately clean any stains, you do not have to worry about them staying. Any homeowners who do have children or animals should check their floors every night before bed and right after meals to make sure there are no messes. 

Carpet is Out of Style

Carpet is the oldest flooring. It has been around for thousands of years, and we see no end to it anytime soon. Wood-style floors come in a load of colors and designs, but carpet beats them all by a landslide. No matter the time period, you can find any type of carpet to fit the year’s trends. From multi-colored to geometric shapes, there is no stopping carpet from always being in style. 

There are Health Risks With Carpet

In the past, some health risks came with carpet installation and specific types of carpets. However, manufacturers now have eco-friendly and safe carpets on the market. Most carpets release the lowest amounts of VOCs compared to the other flooring options. All the chemicals found in your carpets are safe and will not cause you harm. Many people may bring up the fact that carpets can easily obtain mold and mildew, which causes health issues. However, this only occurs when exposed to dirt and moisture. And this will not happen if you are properly cleaning and maintaining your floors. 

Your Allergies Get Worse With Carpet

Your allergies can get worse with any flooring if not properly cleaned. But we are also here to let you know that carpets are one of the best flooring options for your air quality and lungs. Carpet traps allergens, dirt and other bacteria from roaming around your air and causing you allergy attacks. However, you cannot leave these elements on your floors. You must clean your carpet to get rid of them fully. The EPA recommends cleaning your floors with a HEPA air filter

Carpet is More Expensive

Depending on the type of flooring you want, the brand, the installation and the maintenance, any one of them can be expensive. Carpet gets a bad rap because of carpet cleaning and maintenance. However, once installed and properly maintained, you will be saving a ton of money compared to installing or maintaining hardwood. 

Carpet is Hard to Maintain and Clean

Unmaintained carpet is a hassle to deal with. From carpet stains, tears and frays, it may seem hard to handle. However, a carpet that is properly cleaned daily and deep cleaned once a week is easy to maintain. All you need to do is vacuum. Whereas, wood flooring needs sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, staining and waxing, which is more laborious and expensive. And for carpet that has deep stains or needs repair, we have a team of skilled experts who can professionally clean and repair them

Don’t let misconceptions stop you from installing carpet. Instead, remember the facts above. And if you want you to install, maintain or clean your carpet, Valor Home Services has your back. We have a team of carpet experts waiting for you.