Common Myths About Remodeling Your Kitchen

Myths about kitchen renovation spread like wildfire. Do you believe that a complete kitchen redesign is out of your price range? It’s natural to be nervous about embarking on any significant home renovation job, but there’s a lot of misinformation out there about what’s truly involved in the entire kitchen remodeling process. Here are a few of the most popular fallacies about kitchen remodeling.

Bigger is Always Better

You may fantasize about holding enormous dinner parties in your kitchen, and you may even do so. But do you want to go back and forth between appliances when you’re merely making dinner for yourself or your family? When redesigning a kitchen, make the most of the available space and prioritize quality over quantity. In addition, if money is tight, selecting quality over quantity might help you build a better kitchen. Too many homeowners make the error of either allowing too much room in their kitchen or completely disregarding physical principles. A decent kitchen strikes a balance between design and function, although storage usually takes precedence over style. For example, if you pull out your pantry to make room for a nice butler area, you may find yourself without space to store ordinary items. A competent kitchen designer can assist you in making these selections.

Too Expensive

The cost of a whole kitchen renovation project will be heavily influenced by the materials you select. There are several high-quality material options available at reasonable prices. If you put off renovating for an indefinite time, you will not only be living at a disadvantage, but you will also be generating extra hassles for yourself when it comes time to sell your house. Therefore, check out all the options for materials and labor and find the best for what you want to spend. 

You Don’t Need to Plan

If you’ve ever gone on a road trip, you understand the value of a map. A map, whether on paper, on your phone or a GPS, keeps you on track to your destination. If you neglect to carry one on your journey, you may become lost or be compelled to return home in search of this navigation gear. Home renovation projects follow a similar pattern. Starting one without a plan is like taking a road trip without a map. It becomes tough to reach your end goal, called an ideal kitchen, and it is very simple to become disoriented due to project mistakes. That is why, for the greatest potential conclusion, it is necessary to have a project plan, and it is preferable to have a plan from the start.

Late planning just gives more time for unexpected issues to occur, and in some circumstances, complications can only be handled by starting again with a fresh remodeling design. That is to say, this myth is completely wrong. A project plan is very required for a successful kitchen makeover, and a lack of preparation might jeopardize your next kitchen remodel.  

Remodeling Can Start Immediately

The timeline for redesigning a kitchen is generally based on the renovation process. This fallacy is formed when significantly less attention is paid to remodeling prep work. This urban kitchen mythology states that renovation work may begin as soon as you finish your project designs. However, such an argument ignores the critical and time-consuming preparation work.

Several procedures must be completed before any house changes can be undertaken, including kitchen remodeling prep work. As the homeowner, you would be entitled to some of these. Perhaps you would prepare your home for greater traffic and heavy-duty activity. Your contractor, designer, and other cooperating specialists, on the other hand, would need to take additional procedures. They may need to order materials and/or apply for licenses, for example. All of these activities require time. As a result, renovation work cannot begin immediately. From the moment project designs are finalized, there is a required and significant delay leading up to it. “All good things come to those who wait,” as the proverb goes.

You Don’t Need a Budget

Many homeowners believe that they can just spend as they go when it comes to remodeling their kitchen. However, when you were purchasing your home, were you okay with any budget? Or did you have a set limit? Did you do the same for your car? Or wedding? When you remodel your kitchen, you have to do the same thing. Before remodeling, you need to set a budget limit. From there, you can then find all the materials and labor to match it. However, costs do change; therefore, we recommend giving yourself at least $1,000 to $5,000 leeway. If you need financial help with your next kitchen remodel, Valor Home Services has exclusive offers and financing plans so you do not need to stress about the costs. 

Storage Isn’t Important

We use a variety of items in our daily kitchen operations, ranging from cookware, utensils, and dishes to supporting supplies and pantry products. All of those objects are often utilized and essential to kitchen function, so we naturally want to accommodate them all in the space itself. That is why contrary to popular belief, storage is a significant remodeling issue. Furthermore, there is a lot to think about when it comes to kitchen storage. You should consider storage kind and design, as well as location, size, and amount.

Remodeling Takes Forever

Time is one of the most common reasons people complain about their kitchen remodeling projects, yet improvements only take as long as the preparation is not done. Always engage with a respected renovation company like Valor Home Services to guarantee flawless coordination, and never attempt to handle the process on your own.

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You Need an Island

When you have the room, a kitchen island may be a very useful addition to your kitchen renovation. The issue is that many kitchens are just too tiny to accommodate a kitchen island, leaving little space to walk around and cook. A kitchen island may not always make sense. If your kitchen is already spacious, with lots of counter space, two sinks, and storage, a kitchen island just prevents you from dancing around it.

Adding a kitchen island where it is not needed is a recipe for disaster that will make you regret listening to misconceptions while planning a kitchen redesign. Don’t be a fool and install a kitchen island simply because you heard it was required; instead, consult with a knowledgeable kitchen designer who can advise you on whether an island is necessary.

You Don’t Need a Designer

While designing your kitchen might be enjoyable, do you know how to evaluate your ceiling? Do you understand the logistics of shifting plumbing? Where is the ductwork located? Designers assist us in viewing the larger picture while supervising the entire project. In the long run, their vision saves you money. What if your builder fails to examine the ceiling before beginning work? You might wind up with mismatched cabinetry and exposed ductwork. A skilled full kitchen renovation designer can help you save money while also keeping your sanity. At Valor Home Services, our designer collaborates with you to develop solutions that meet the specific requirements of your kitchen.

It is A DIY Project

Yes, individuals rebuild their kitchens, but they have usually skilled construction workers or folks with a lot of free time, i.e. retirees. Remodeling a kitchen is a big task that you will not be able to complete in your leisure time. A great kitchen redesign necessitates a large number of instruments, and purchasing all of them might easily cost more than hiring a kitchen remodeling service. Then there’s the time commitment; it’s not a weekend task; it might take months if you do it yourself. You won’t be able to utilize your kitchen much at that period.

A DIY kitchen redesign may appear to be entertaining, but it is a tedious, monotonous procedure in which you might easily break your fingers every day. A kitchen redesign is not a do-it-yourself project for 90% of people, and you should consider hiring specialists who will create a beautiful kitchen that you can enjoy for many years. And you do not have to look far to find these specialists. Valor Home Services has your back! Our skilled team of kitchen remodelers can help you plan, design and create the dream kitchen you have always wanted. Call for more information