Common Misconceptions About Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring has many different myths or misconceptions. So much to the point where many homeowners refuse to install it in their homes. We want to clear up the air, so we’ve made this guide going over the common misconceptions about luxury vinyl.

Vinyl & Laminate are the Same

While luxury vinyl and laminate floors can look visually the same, they are made entirely different. Vinyl flooring has a vinyl core, making it more flexible and bendable. Laminate flooring has a wood powder or plywood core, making the boards stiff. Due to their cores, they both react very differently to moisture.

Designs Wear Away

The biggest concern many homeowners have with luxury vinyl flooring is that the designs wear away. As a note, all flooring will fade over time, especially in high traffic or sunny areas. However, the great thing about vinyl flooring is that the top layer is sealed with a clear coat that is scratch and dent-resistant, making it last for multiple decades.

No Visual/Textural Depth

When vinyl flooring first came out, it did not have the visual or textural depth that hardwood or laminate flooring had. However, thanks to technology, people have a hard time distinguishing vinyl from hardwood. Now, luxury vinyl has more dimension and depth than ever before.


Many people confuse luxury vinyl and composite vinyl. Composite vinyl does not have a clear coat, and instead, needs to be sealed and refinished, which adds to its cost. On the other hand, luxury vinyl is already sealed and pre-finished. All you have to do is install it right away, making it the more affordable vinyl option.

Labor Extensive

While we always recommend hiring a professional flooring team to install any flooring, it does not mean you cannot install vinyl on your own. One of the installation methods you can go with on vinyl flooring is the clicking method. This is the easiest method to DIY. If you have to deal with glue, staples, nails or any other backing, go with a floor installing team like Valor Home Services.

Hard to Maintain

A common misconception about any of the flooring options is that they are hard to maintain. The only reason why luxury vinyl can be ‘hard’ to handle is if you do not know how to properly take care of it. Many homeowners also believe that vinyl cannot withstand spills, messes or water. However, it is the complete opposite. This flooring has Tough Resilient capabilities, which replicates hardwood but has water-resistance features. Luxury vinyl also has anti-slipping features as well as a softer floor material, decreasing your chances of falling while giving you extra support and cushion if you do.

These were just some of the misconceptions. There are many more out there, and any time you run into others and want the truth, contact us right away. Are you ready to install vinyl in your home? Book an appointment with us today to see what we can do for you.