Common Misconceptions About Tile

It’s been a while since we talked about the common misconceptions about specific flooring types. We have already gone over the myths of carpethardwood and laminate, so now it is time to move onto the next — tile flooring. Tile flooring is one of the oldest flooring options. Ancient Egyptians were using it as decorative pieces for their tombs, vases and other religious items. However, throughout the years, people started creating stories or myths about this flooring. That is why we are going over the common misconceptions about tile and debunking them along the way.

Weak or Breaks Easily

When people think about tile, many of them think about how delicate it can be. And while yes, tile can be extremely delicate, especially the smaller it becomes, it can still withstand a lot of force. If installed correctly, your tile flooring can last ten or more years without showing any signs of wear or tears. Maintenance also plays a factor in how strong your floors are. You need to always clean them and check for cracks or chips.

Hard to Clean

Tile can get a bad name for its cleaning due to the grout, but in reality, it is not as hard as you think. If you do have dirty grout lines, we have a guide to help you clean them. But also, by applying the right coating (stain-resistant or waterproof), you can clean all spills with ease. When installing the floors, ask your contractor about their coating options.

Not Versatile

Many people think that tile does not come with extra features to make it stand out from the rest. However, there are so many additional coats you can add to your tile to make it easier to clean, slip-resistant, waterproof, abrasion-resistant and more. With all these different coatings, ceramic tile becomes the most versatile flooring out of all the flooring options.

Looks Boring

A common tile flooring that many people see is white or tan tile. And even though those are the most common does not mean there are many other options. You literally can find tiles of any color or design. Have you ever seen Spanish or Italian tile? Have you ever ordered hand-drawn ceramic pieces? There are so many different options. All you have to do is look.


A misconception that we would like to break about not only tile but all flooring in general, every flooring type varies in price depending on the style, brand, design, texture, color and installation method. In general, mass-made ceramic tile will fall on the more affordable end, while designer or hand-crafted selections are pricey.


This flooring does not have any heat sources on it. Therefore, it is true that tile can get extremely cold. But you need to know that tile is a conductor of temperature. So during the winter, the inside of your home is cold; therefore, the tiling is cold as well. However, during the summer, your house is warmer, which makes the tiles heat up as well. If you want to control the temperature of your tile flooring, then you need to head to your thermostat and place it to the temperature you want. If you live in cold states and want your floors to have more heat, you can even install heating features under your tile to warm up the area.


Tile flooring does not soak up water or other spills like carpet and wood flooring. Instead, these liquids can sit for long periods before drying. And while there is always the possibility of slipping on tile, that does not mean it is always slippery. You can apply a slip-resistant coating to help you keep your balance anytime you accidentally step on a spill.

Even though tile flooring can sometimes have a bad rep, we never want you to feel discouraged in trying it out. If you have any questions, need the best cleaning tips, need help choosing the best type of tile and installing it in your Belleville, Edwardsville, O’Fallon or the surrounding areas home, then call your local flooring team, Valor Home Services. We have been installing tile flooring in homes for over 20 years. For more information, give us a call today.