7 Common Mistakes in Kitchen Remodels

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Consider these ideas before diving into the world of renovating to make the process go more smoothly.

Designing your kitchen may be an exciting renovation job that includes everything from flooring to backsplashes to appliances. It’s usually a pleasant but complex procedure with many moving parts; it’s easy to overlook subtleties that can lead to huge problems later on—and may cause you to go over budget. Prepare your pen and paper because we’re about to share the top remodeling secrets you need to know about before beginning your kitchen renovation to ensure a successful project.

Don’t make the mistakes below.

Failing to Plan

The most common mistake that homeowners make throughout a kitchen renovation is neglecting to properly plan. Just like any other home improvement project, you need to thoroughly plan. A vision and ultimate goal are required for a successful kitchen redesign. We’re not talking about a gorgeous image of how you want your kitchen to look. Decide how your life—and the lives of your family—will look in this new place, because the kitchen must perform to meet those ends. You’ll also need to plan out the budget, each specific aspect (lighting, flooring, appliances, backsplashes, cabinets, etc.), schedule and even the contractors. If you do not properly plan, you will not only add more stress, but you may also add more costs. To help you plan your kitchen renovation, Team Valor can help you with every step. Call for more information

Putting Form Over Function

It’s reasonable to seek a nice result while remodeling your kitchen. If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, this is the place to be. You must still spend every day in the kitchen working – and you will be dissatisfied with your kitchen design if it adds additional work to your daily responsibilities. A good kitchen design, for example, focuses on work zones. Your stove, refrigerator and prep counter should all be close to one other for food preparation. Sometimes when designing a kitchen, homeowners place the refrigerator on the opposite side of the room, or even on the opposite side of the island. While the aesthetic is appealing, you’ll quickly tire of all the extra work involved in food preparation and cooking.

Another common “form over function” error when redesigning your kitchen is failing to examine how your cabinets, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher open. Can you, for example, open the refrigerator and an adjacent cupboard door at the same time? You probably think this is something ridiculous that never happens in real life, yet it happens far more frequently than you might imagine. A design flaw like this is especially aggravating when putting dishes away or for families with more than one cook in the kitchen at the same time.

Not Including Enough Storage

In general, most people underestimate the amount of storage space available. You can’t operate successfully in a kitchen without a counter and storage space, and since it’s such a popular complaint, you should make it a priority when building your new kitchen. Speak with your general contractor about any strategies they may have for maximizing countertop and storage space. Adding decorative components to the extremities of your cabinets, such as corbels or shelving supports, to create extra room for the top to extend is one approach to increasing your counterwork area. Another option is to change the arrangement or flow of your area to incorporate a peninsula or freestanding island.

Just as you want a workspace, you will need storage for all of your culinary tools. Excess storage is never a problem, but a lack of storage is. Aside from the obvious necessity for substantial storage rooms for pots and pans and small kitchen gadgets, such as blenders, most homeowners miscalculate the space needed for other things. We recommend adding storage places such as pull-out spice racks flanking the range or under-counter storage on the center island. Valor Home Services, an experienced general contractor, has professionals on staff that are nationally qualified in universal design. That is, they may advise you on how to include appropriate storage that is easily available to you today and in the future. The last thing you want to do is create a gorgeous kitchen now that will no longer satisfy your needs tomorrow.

Wasting Space

Create a compact step-saving work core even in large kitchens. You don’t want to go a mile to prepare dinner, or worse, create dead space in the room. Not only does this create a non-functional space (which you most likely were trying to fix from the get-go), but it also creates awkward areas in your cooking space. Pick areas that will work hard throughout meal prep, dining and family time. For example, a breakfast nook is an excellent way to add style without sacrificing too many steps. The best way to avoid wasting space in your kitchen is to communicate with a designer or contractor to help build out your new kitchen. Team Valor is ready to help you maximize your space to its fullest potential. Get started today by calling our office team

Underestimating Budget

Aside from not planning, neglecting to develop an exact budget is a significant mistake. No matter the home improvement project, you need to set a budget. Then, once you have your costs laid out, you need to remember that you will spend more than you think you will, so budget for a 15 to 20% overage. Because most people rush through these decisions, take your time and conduct as much research as possible on flooring, countertops, cabinetry, lighting, accessories, appliances and so on. If you need help determining the average cost of a kitchen renovation, check out this guide

Waiting to Choose Appliances

Choosing your appliances late in the planning process of your project can result in a lot of unnecessary work for both you and your contractor. The dimensions and specifications of your appliances are critical to understand since they have a direct impact on the size of the surrounding materials. Choosing your devices first allows you to plan the cabinetry and countertop around them for a perfect fit, rather than the other way around. When working with a designer or contractor, like Valor Home Services, they will walk you through the best appliances for your wants and needs and then account for them in your kitchen redesign

Ignoring the Kitchen Triangle

The term “stylish” refers to the appearance of a kitchen that is not only functional but also appealing. But what happens when you only focus on function or aesthetics? The answer is simple — you’re back from where you began. Ideally, you should arrange your stove, sink and refrigerator in a chef’s triangle so that they are all within a few feet of one another. Installing those three key work items next to each other, but not too close, makes the kitchen more efficient and user-friendly while reducing unnecessary steps.

Kitchens are the heart of any home. Over the years they have evolved into the most multi-purposeful room of our home. In the kitchen, we entertain, cook meals and meal prep with friends and family. It’s where we go to pay our bills and help our children with their homework, and it’s even become our hobby workstation and workplace when we work from home. It benefits everyone in the family and brings everyone together. As a result, it is critical to consider these and other factors when planning your kitchen makeover to ensure that the end product meets your family’s needs today and in the future. You, like any other homeowner planning a kitchen redesign, want the end product to be the kitchen of your dreams.

As you’ve no likely learned, there’s a lot to consider while planning your kitchen renovation. That is why you should contact Valor Home Services’ skilled kitchen makeover crew. We have developed our reputation one customer at a time. Just check out our numerous 5-star ratings on the internet. Their customers speak for them, giving you confidence that you have found a general contractor you can rely on. Since 1995. Go to our Contact Us page to learn more about what Valor Home Services can do for you or to request a free discovery consultation call for any forthcoming home upgrades or kitchen remodeling you may require — and do it today because you’ll be pleased you did.