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Laminate Flooring — Your Next Flooring Goals

If you don’t know what laminate flooring is, then you need to stop everything you are doing and keep reading. Laminate flooring is a type of manufactured floor that can look like any other flooring type. Whether you want a floor that looks like tile, hardwood or stone, laminate can do it at a more affordable price. If you are the type of homeowner that wants the visual display of the other floors, but with less upkeep, then laminate flooring is for you. In this guide, we go over why laminate floors are your next flooring goals. 

Variety of Styles, Colors and Textures

Many homeowners enjoy laminate flooring because it comes in a variety of styles, colors and textures. In the past, laminate flooring was easy to distinguish because of how cheap they looked. However, thanks to modern technology, manufacturing companies can create realistic visuals on this flooring type. This means that you can get any flooring design you like even rare, exotic wood species with it looking as natural as possible. 

Easy Installation

Laminate flooring is one of the easiest floors to install. This type of flooring using the floating method for installation. The floating method involves the planks or tiles to attach on top of each other instead of adhering to the subfloor. This method is the installation choice that many DIY homeowners choose since it is easy and fast. Your laminate flooring will arrive at your home ready for installation. You don’t even have to worry about removing your old flooring because laminate doesn’t need to attach to a subfloor. Even though installing a laminate floor on your own is tempting, we recommend working with a knowledgeable flooring contractor so you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary issues. 

Affordable Flooring Option

If you are on a budget, laminate flooring should be on the top of your list. Compared to the other flooring options, it is the cheapest choice on the market. Since laminate flooring is all designed by technology instead of nature, it is easier to produce. This means that manufacturers can constantly create new floor designs without having to wait for nature to do it. 

Low Maintenance

Here’s some great news for homeowners with children or pets — laminate floors have the easiest maintenance. These floors can withstand scratches, scuffs and even stains. You don’t have to worry about grout cleaning, cracking tile or fading thanks to its resin-filled wear top layer. Cleaning laminate floors isn’t complicated. Clean your floors daily by sweeping and vacuuming and mop with mild detergent and water every couple of weeks. For more ways of cleaning your laminate floors, contact Valor Home Services

Easy to Replace

Due to the affordability and installation of laminate flooring, it is easy to replace. Since you don’t have to adhere the flooring to the subfloor, you can continuously place new flooring on top of the old ones. Plus, the floating installation method makes the process way faster than any other flooring option. 

Are you convinced that laminate flooring is for you? If so call us today to install this flooring choice in your Belleville, Edwardsville, O’Fallon or the surrounding areas home today.