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Could Your Home Interior Use a Little Help?

We’re all looking for the way to get the best bang for our buck. Sometimes, that means taking advantages of specials. Other times, it means sacrificing things we want for those we need. But even when it comes to making improvements to your home on a budget, you should never feel pushed into sacrificing quality.

At least, that’s what we believe.

Focusing on one project at a time is exactly what some of us need to get a handle on our budget and check things off the list with confidence and peace of mind. Take painting, for example. Whether it’s the interior or the exterior of your home that needs some new coats, or something totally unrelated that you’re trying to address with paint, there are some incredible ways to maximize your dollar that we want more of you to know about.

#1. Accent walls

Let’s say you aren’t ready to update the trim all over the house, or the doors, or the windows. Let’s say you really want to knock that extra wall down between the kitchen and living room, but it’s just not the right time. You can refresh a space, enhance visual appeal and resale value, and even make a room feel larger by painting one wall a different cover. This technique is considered a type of accent wall and has been trending hard the last few years.

#2. The front door

Similar to the accent wall, if your home exterior is needing a few coats but it’s just not in the budget until next year, painting the front door can add an elegant and beautiful “pop” to draw the eye just where you want it. Invite people in through your freshly painted front door and feel good about your home exterior again.

#3. Interior or exterior trim

This is another smaller-budget item that can camouflage another “almost-due” paint job. Start by painting just the trim on either the exterior or exterior of your home to “seal the visual edges” of any space and frame each window or door beautifully. This can also open up some more daring possibilities to try new colors if you feel like it!


Your home is special, but not every day feels as special as those warmest, coziest family-filled holidays this season. Make your home yours again for every day of the year, and feel good about even the smaller details of a space. You deserve to freshen your home’s look, especially if it brings happiness and a return on enjoyment to you and your family. Our professional painters are always nearby. We are usually completing painting projects in O’Fallon or Belleville IL. Call us today to talk about which of these painting tips could make the difference for you!