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Deck Makeover Ideas

A great addition to any house is an outdoor deck. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors while relaxing at the same time. If you are on the search of ways to upgrade your outside area, check out these deck makeover ideas. 


The easiest way to elevate your deck is to repaint it. There are many colors that you can go with your outdoor patio. But, when you are picking out a color, make sure to pick an exterior shade. If you go with an interior paint color, it will not withstand the weather or fading. At Valor Home Services, we are ready to help you repaint your deck. We use the highest grade of Sherman Williams, so your deck’s color lasts a long time. 


Sometimes older decks need a refresh through hardwood refinishing. Decks get a lot of foot traffic, withstand a lot of bad weather and get stained or scratched easily. You can solve this issue by getting the floors refinished. We have a team of refinishing experts who can fix up your deck in O’Fallon, Edwardsville, Belleville or the surrounding areas. 

Install New Flooring

For decks that are falling apart or have broken boards, the best way to improve the area is to install new flooring. There are many flooring options that you can choose from, but we recommend a wood that can withstand water. We can also help you find and install new hardwood floors onto your deck.

Add Posts

Now that you have new floors, it is time to add posts. You can make your deck feel like a new room by adding posts. Posts also help if you do decide to add a roof over your patio. You can also decorate your posts with lights or other wall decorations. We can help you install or fix posts easily. Contact us today to learn more. 

Provide Shade

The reason why you have a deck is to have a place to relax outside. While you want to enjoy the sunshine, you also want a place to shield yourself and cool off. And, a deck with a shade covering is the perfect place for that. Whether you install a roof or use an outdoor umbrella, it will give you the shade you need. 

Add Decor

Add some personality to your deck through decor. Items like furniture, plants, throw pillows, cushions, small trinkets and unique finds are perfect decoration pieces. You can find decorations online or in-store, but you can find unique or one of a kind pieces from antique stores, garage sales, local businesses or Etsy

Are you ready to makeover your deck? Give Valor Home Services a call today.