How To Decorate And Refresh Your Bathroom For The Holidays

Here’s how you can decorate and refresh your bathroom for the upcoming holidays. 

The best way to get into the holiday spirit is to deck your own halls with all of your festive decorations. Getting your house ready for the holidays is part of the fun of the season, whether you go all out and put a tree and garland on every mantel and railing or just put out a few special items. Don’t pass up the chance to extend that experience throughout your entire home. When you deck out a bathroom for the holidays, you ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is brimming with joy.

But how do you decorate a space that is typically smaller and already very well-established? Since you have a shower and mirrors on your walls, it’s unlikely that you can rearrange your furniture to make more space. But that doesn’t mean you should pass up this festive chance. We’ve compiled a few quick and simple ideas for holiday bathroom decor.

Follow these tips to impress your guests. 

Keep it simple

It should be enjoyable to decorate a bathroom for the holidays. You’re probably doing too much if it feels like a burden. It is sufficient to hang an ornament from a wall sconce, add a small vase filled with evergreen branches or simply drape some garland over the bathroom counter. Since this area is small, you don’t need to do much. Check out some inspiration photos on Pinterest to see what we mean. 

Take care of necessary repairs

Start by asking yourself if any issues might cause problems for people using the bathroom, because hospitality begins by anticipating your guests’ needs. Are there any damaged fixtures that require maintenance or replacement? Does the shower have low water pressure, or does the sink leak when you turn it off? If so, take care of these issues. This makes sure that when you and your guests are at special seasonal gatherings, the restroom won’t be a hassle. For these small repairs, we have a team of home service specialists who can help! 

Give it an update

The good news is that you don’t need to complete a full renovation project to reap the benefits of an upgrade. There are many simple improvements you can make to the area over an afternoon or weekend. Think about changing the mirror, getting a new vanity or installing new lighting. To help organize the space, you could add a shelf above the toilet or hang towel hooks. This would give you a convenient place to store extra toilet paper. Look over your room and consider what minor adjustments might completely transform its functionality and appearance. If you’re looking for a quick update, our home service specialists can assist. 


Decluttering is the best way to get your bathroom ready for a holiday party, or any other party for that matter! Remove all unused bathroom items from your counter and sink. Try to imagine yourself as a visitor as you prepare your bathroom for visitors. How often have you entered a bathroom, whether it be one in your home or one that is public, and found yourself unsure of where to put your bag, a glass of wine or other beverage, jacket or scarf? Make sure there is always enough space for them to put whatever they are wearing or a hook for any layers they need to take off in case they forgot their coat at the coat rack by the door. Placing a tiny bathroom stool on a small counter can be helpful if you have limited space.

Embrace what you got

Setting up your bathroom for the holidays will probably be simple if it is already red, white or green. What if it’s blue or black, though? You could attempt to cram the traditional holiday colors in, but you’ll likely just drive yourself crazy attempting to get the colors to blend in such a small area. Instead, make use of what is already in place. White and silver decorations with snow-inspired accents look great in a beachy, blue bathroom. With some simple black and white holiday decor or a grouping of evergreen branches on the counter, a minimalist, dark bathroom can be given a festive update for the season. Making your home holiday-ready is much simpler if you let your current space guide your design decisions when you decorate a bathroom for the holidays.

As you’re preparing your home for holiday guests and events this year, be sure to check out Valor Home Services‘ bathroom remodel and update services. Whether you want to change the layout of your bathroom or upgrade a few items like the toilet or vanity, our skilled team of experts is ready to help you. Get started today by calling our team