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DIY Christmas Gifts With Leftover Flooring

“I love the Christmas-tide, and yet, I notice this, each year I live; I always like the gifts I get, But how I love the gifts I give!”— Carolyn Wells. Do you have leftover flooring and want to save money on Christmas gifts this year? Then, you need to check out this guide on homemade holiday presents with unused flooring. 


A simple way to make multiple gifts for people with small amounts of leftover flooring is by creating coasters. Coasters can come from hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, waterproof flooring and even tile. This gift is also great because you can make multiple sets out of one or two planks or pieces. If you do want to do this project, you will need a saw to cut through all the pieces and sandpaper to smooth all the edges. 

Hanging Coat Rack

Since Christmas is full of winter coats, add a place where people can hang coats with a handing coat rack made out of leftover flooring. All you need for this gift idea is a cut plank board, hooks and screws. You can use hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl to create this piece. Plus, you can add even more character by painting it or adding wall stickers. Want a tutorial? Check out this guide here

Full-Length Mirror

Give your family or friends a handmade full-length mirror this year for Christmas. This is a simple project that will get loads of compliments. You will need to measure and cut your planks to the size you are wanting. The best way to do that is by following their mirror’s measurements. Once everything is cut, it is time to start assembling and attaching all the pieces. Depending on the person to who you are giving the gift to personality or home theme, you can paint the wood as well. 

Wooden Cutting Boards

All kitchens need cutting boards. Stock up your family and friends’ kitchens with handmade and unique wooden cutting boards. Depending on your woodworking abilities and skills, you can create many different shapes and designs with wood. We recommend sticking to hardwood when creating this piece. It is easier to find cleaning solutions and natural ways of cleaning cutting boards made out of real wood. 

Cat Scratch Post

For all the cat owners out there, a cat scratching post made out of leftover carpet is the perfect gift. You can make it simple with a base and a medium pole covered with carpet, or you can go all out if you know how to build a cat tree. Once you have the base completed, you will then attach it to the carpet. The best thing about this gift is that the carpet does not have to be perfect. It can have some frays or tears because you can design your cat post depending on the amount of carpet you have. 


Get creative with paint, vinyl and other supplies with leftover flooring by making indoor and outdoor signs. When it comes to sign designs, there are a plethora of options that you can make. From standing, hanging, nailing and sticking into the ground, there are so many things you can choose from. Plus, you can do whatever design you want. If you want to make a welcome sign for your front door, check out this tutorial

Garden Decor

Garden decor is a must for anyone who owns a home. Leftover ceramic tile is the perfect item to use to create unique stepping stones for anyone’s garden. It is great that the pieces are already squared off, so you do not have to worry about breaking the pieces up. To add a more personal feeling to it, you can decorate it with paint. 

Serving Tray

If you like an extra challenge, then make serving trays out of leftover flooring this holiday season. You will need either hardwood, laminate, waterproof or luxury vinyl flooring as well as handles and screws. Once you have everything measured and cut, it is time to start assembling. You can even paint the tray or add vinyl decals for additional touches of personalization. 

Stand out this year by creating homemade holiday gifts out of leftover flooring. Plus, if you need any repair, remodel or renovation tasks complete, call Valor Home Services, your local installation, hardwood floor refinishing and handyman team.