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Say I Do to These DIY Wedding Ideas With Leftover Flooring

Say goodbye to summer weddings, and hello to fall weddings. In the past few years, September and October became the two most popular months to get married over June and July. Most nuptials, while they are fun, cost a fortune. Many couples and families save money for years to prepare for the duo’s big day. If you are a DIY savvy bride or groom who wants to save some extra dollars, check out these DIY wedding ideas with leftover flooring. 


One of the most common things people make out of leftover wood is signs. You can take a saw to cut the wood into smaller pieces, so you can then add paint and other decorations. But, do not worry, you can also use longer sections to make signs as well. Use these signs to direct people where to sit, as cute decorations and many other ways. For more ideas, check out Pinterest


Your leftover flooring can make your day even more special if you made your wedding altar with the unused pieces. An altar is one of the most important items that needs to be there for almost all weddings. It is the place where the bride and groom say I do. If the duo just recently bought a home and installed new floors, the leftover flooring pieces would also be symbolic during the wedding as a means to show that they are building their family and home together. While creating the altar, you can make it simple or extravagant. It depends on the bride, groom and theme of the wedding. 

Ring Box

If you are a skilled woodworker or handyman, then creating your ring box would be perfect for your big day. The ring box is very special because it holds the wedding rings. Again, this would work with the symbolism of uniting your families in two ways — a house and rings. Plus, a box would keep the rings safe and sound. 

Dance Floor

Every wedding needs an awesome floor to dance on. Make your reception’s dance floor unique by creating it with your leftover flooring pieces. This is the perfect project if you have a lot of flooring pieces leftover. You can make this floor out of any flooring, but floorboards or carpet will be the easiest to use. Once you get it all done, dance the night away. 

Aisle Runner

Do not get rid of your leftover carpet because you can use it as an aisle runner. This definitely works if you have a good amount of carpet leftover. You could also use your old carpet as long as it is clean. If you do not have enough carpet, you can also make a rug to place it down as a decoration. 

Photo Booth Background

People love photo booths at weddings. So much to the point of spending most of the night there. You can make your reception even better by creating a backdrop for the photo booth. A wood background is perfect for photos and easy to add simple decorations on it. Before building your homemade background, make sure to measure the space. You want to make sure the piece fits in nicely. 

Table Decor

You do not need to do much with your leftover floorboards if you use it as table decor. You can place individual floorboards across your tables. Then, you can add decorations like flowers, candles, crystals, greenery and more on top. If you are a crafty individual, you can also cut the pieces into smaller sections for smaller centerpieces. 

With these DIY weddings in tow, it is time to get hitched. The best part about these DIYs is that once the wedding is over, you can sell them to the next bride or groom. And if you need help with renovating or remodeling your wedding venue or home, call Valor Home Services today.