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Do you know the trick to kicking allergies at home?

Do you or your family members suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma? We know what that means you’ve been told…hypoallergenic EVERYTHING, and stay away from dust trapping carpets for sure!

That’s when we use Mohawk’s SmartStrand Air.O line. Installing these carpets can actually help reduce your allergy symptoms if properly cleaned and cared for.

But, how is this possible, what is carpet definition? Carpet fibers trap in the dirt and grime (and all the allergens) that you, your family and your household pets bring into your home every day.

But wait! Studies have shown that carpets actually reduce airborne allergens by 50% compared to hardwood floors…

The real problem? Carpets are perfect at trapping dust with nylon fibers, but awful at letting them go. The allergens aren’t airborne, but they’re lying in wait all over your home. That means people with allergies and asthma need to keep their surroundings extra clean, or suffer with boxes of tissues and endless decongestants.

Alright…we know you’re leading a busy life and don’t have time to constantly vacuum and treat spills and accidents. And really, few of us feel we have the time to properly care for regular carpets that trap dirt, grime and odors.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if there were a carpet solution that was hypoallergenic, easy-as-pie to clean and VOC (harmful organic chemical) free?

Allow our carpet store to introduce Mohawk’s SmartStrand Air.O line of carpeting, providing your home with ultra-soft hypoallergenic carpet flooring—and your complete peace of mind.

Many companies promise they’re a head above the rest, but Mohawk believes in letting the facts prove it. Their hypoallergenic carpets don’t trap moisture thanks to their innovative fiber molecule technology. They’re also easy to clean thanks to their unified construction.

By utilizing unified soft flooring construction, Air.o fibers are equipped with a premium felt pad. This combination means easy installation for us, and that they consistent lay flat to allow the release of dust and dirt with each vacuum.

Did we mention super soft and extra-comfy?

Without even realizing it, homeowners spend a lot of our time down on their floors. Whether spending time with children, pets or getting their yoga in after a long day, there’s something playful and relaxing about laying out on a clean and plush carpet.

Don’t let this experience pass you by because of myths about your allergies!


Each and every one of Mohawk’s SmartStrand carpet lines are backed by a guarantee of stain and soil protection, lifetime warranties and beautiful products. We pride ourselves on taking every-day problems and installing life-changing solutions. With SmartStrand Air.O carpet, you are gifting yourself and your family a comfortable and hypo-allergenic solution that reduces cleaning time, too.

We’d love to answer every one of your questions about hypoallergenic carpets and how to care for them. We even have a few specific tips for caring for hypoallergenic carpet. Give us a call or send us a message today and help us deliver you peace of mind where you deserve it the most!