The Dos and Don’ts to Remodeling Your Kitchen

Have the utmost stress-free kitchen remodeling experience by following these do’s and don’ts. 

kitchen makeover is a thrilling experience. Furthermore, if you reside in an older home, you have most likely fantasized about having your kitchen redone. Perhaps you’ve already started the process, or you’re still weighing your options. Here are some dos and don’ts to be aware of before you begin tearing down walls and cabinets. To begin, acquire as much information regarding kitchen remodels as possible before embarking on your dream design. There are many wonderful and timeless remodeling ideas available as well. However, photographs alone will not help you construct the perfect kitchen; you must be informed of the dos and don’ts before beginning to redesign your kitchen.

Review this list before starting your renovation. 

Do Your Research

The last thing you want to do before embarking on a kitchen renovation is go in blind. Take the time to perform some renovation research before you begin. Visit home improvement businesses and design showrooms to price some materials. This will assist you in determining what you can and cannot afford. It’s also a good idea to look into any specialists who might be able to help you with the process. Examine the portfolios of interior designers. Examine the work that contractors in your region do. Read evaluations to learn more about how the pros operate. Also, do not be afraid to contact them for an interview. The hands that work on the remodel have a direct impact on its quality.

Don’t Have a Rigid Viewpoint

There’s no doubt that you’re excited to see your finished kitchen design. However, don’t let the result give you tunnel vision. There is nearly always a chance that something may go wrong during a kitchen renovation. You must be adaptable to overcome these challenges. A strict point of view will only prevent you from adequately solving a problem. Instead, prepare to make at least one concession to complete the project. If something goes wrong, you may have to cut something from your design list to stay under budget. If you want to check everything off your list, you may have to compromise and increase your budget. Whatever your precise kitchen design plan is, something will almost certainly go wrong. Allow for flexibility during the design process.

Do Create a Budget

If you’re not careful, the costs of a kitchen remodel can quickly add up. Before you decide on the specifics of your design, make a budget that will not break the bank. Furthermore, if you have been saving for your kitchen makeover, you may already have an estimate of how much money you will need. However, before you engage a contractor, consider what you can add to that. It is also critical to be realistic about your finances and what you can afford. While looking for inspiration in periodicals and on the internet might be beneficial, it can also lead to unreasonable expectations. There may be materials or design elements that you adore but are out of your price range. The good news is that there are numerous possibilities for kitchen improvements. If you fall in love with backsplash tiles that you cannot afford, you can discover something similar in a lower price range.

Don’t Rush the Timeline

Renovations are thrilling. It’s normal to want to get to the end of the project as soon as possible. When it comes to remodeling, though, slow and steady will yield the best results. In a place as crucial as the kitchen, you want everything done correctly and safely. You don’t want problems with the plumbing or electrical systems just so you can cook in your new kitchen a few weeks earlier. Take your time to verify that all of the work is completed correctly and that all of the problems are handled. Check that any permits you require have been approved. Rushing through the renovation can only result in additional labor later on.

Do Add As Much Lighting As Possible

Can you tell that lighting is important in the kitchen? Along with all of your recessed lights, we always recommend incorporating extra natural light (aka add a window). Consider the spots where natural light enters your kitchen while designing it. This will assist you in determining where to place light fixtures as well as the small regions that may become warm if the sun shines for an extended time. Once you’ve decided on the natural light, you can start thinking about kitchen lighting fixtures. Before installing lighting fixtures, consider the most frequently utilized sections of your kitchen. You should also consider mood lighting. When the sun goes down, you want to be able to dim the lights and create a more intimate atmosphere. Use pendant lights or accent lighting where appropriate (above the island, above the sink, under the upper cabinets, etc.).

Don’t Choose Appliances Last

A kitchen is not complete without all the appliances in it. These appliances include stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, refrigerators and other smaller items you use to cook with. If you are completely redoing your kitchen, avoid selecting appliances last. It will be much easier to choose countertops or cabinets that will accommodate appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers rather than the other way around. 

Do Consider Countertops

One of the first things people see when they talk in your kitchen is the countertops. Or when you view houses, what is the first thing you notice in the kitchen? The countertops, of course! Plus, those who cook frequently need additional counter space, preferably between the stove and the sink. Consider combining two different countertop heights to facilitate baking, and by doing so, you can also include your children in your cooking sessions.

Don’t Forget Storage

One of the busiest rooms in the house is the kitchen. This includes various appliances, equipment, and accessories that are necessary for its operation. You’ll need adequate storage to have a well-functioning kitchen. The fact that the kitchen is clean and neat contributes to its overall appearance. Nothing lives on the countertops, and if it does, everything has a place. That is why it is critical not to skimp on storage in your newly renovated kitchen. Furthermore, when designing your new kitchen, consider the cabinet and pantry space that you desire.

It’s simple to lose storage when removing kitchen cabinets or modifying the layout. So, when you’re planning your new kitchen, don’t forget to include storage. It’s a good idea to add more storage than you had before, even if it’s in a different form. There are numerous bespoke cabinet storage options. Storage also provides a unique opportunity to be creative. The possibilities are endless, ranging from open shelving to built-in pantries.

Do Create a Work Triangle

When remodeling the layout of your kitchen, creating an efficient flow is critical! When working in your kitchen, you should be able to easily transition from your prep station to your cooking area. This means that your stovetop, sink, and refrigerator should be located in a triangle to allow for rapid and easy movement across the kitchen. Draw a line from your fridge to your sink to your stovetop and back to your fridge on your floor plan. You should have made some kind of triangle. If you do not follow the triangle, you may wind up holding objects for longer than necessary and with undue effort. If your appliances are not in a triangular arrangement, you may want to reassess their placement to create a better flow.

Don’t Do It Alone

Even if you are a DIY veteran, consult a kitchen design specialist before beginning your project. Nonetheless, a professional will assist you in fine-tuning your redesign strategy and will provide ideas and advice. Aside from that, a professional may give suggestions that you haven’t considered. However, your contractor has the power to make or destroy your project. That is why you must select the correct person to work on your project. Contractors earn future jobs because they have a solid reputation from previous jobs.

Inquire with your prospective contractors about seeing any of their current job locations. You’ll be able to watch how they work, the safety precautions they take, and the quality of their job. Make sure to look over the work of any possible contractors. It’s fine to interview to determine if they’re the proper fit for the position. Request references from your contractors and makes contact with the most recent. Inquire about the contractor’s working habits as well. How closely did they adhere to the budget and scope of work? Was there anything that went wrong during the project, and how was the problem resolved?

These are some of the Dos and Don’ts of kitchen remodeling. Valor Home Services specializes in assisting you throughout the remodeling process. Our project managers are diligent and will ensure that every component of your kitchen makeover is exactly as you like. Our licensed professionals will ensure that everything is done correctly and follows the law. If you want to remodel your kitchen, give us a call today!