What are the Easiest Flooring Types to Keep Clean When You Have Children at Home?

Having or adding children to your family is a huge step for every household. And as children grow, they all make messes. From throwing their toys everywhere to accidental spills and messes, there is never a non-cleaning day in a child-friendly household. However, aren’t you tired of constantly having to get down on your hands and knees and scrub your floors? Instead of that extra work, check out the easiest flooring types to keep clean when you have children at home. 

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl plank is the fastest-growing floor covering product. Vinyl plank is available in almost every flooring retailer. Customers may install vinyl plank in any room of the house since it is waterproof. Vinyl flooring is incredibly water-resistant and spill-resistant, so whether your children spill cereal on the kitchen floor or splash around in the shower, vinyl flooring can withstand it. It also provides a non-porous substance that is mold-resistant and inhibits bacterial development.

Vinyl plank is extremely durable and simple to maintain. This flooring is an excellent choice for any area in your house. Vinyl plank comes in a wide range of colors, designs, and widths. The long and wide boards are the most common style. There are products to suit every budget. Vinyl plank flooring is one of the easiest surfaces to maintain and clean. The floor may be dust mopped once a day and is ready to use. A waterproof floor protects against spills and grime, as well as mud and dirt. This flooring is also ideal for children who are still learning to balance since it provides a soft surface if they fall. Vinyl plank flooring is available in a variety of thicknesses and frequently has an attached pad. Products with an attached pad provide additional protection for youngsters who are more vulnerable to injury.

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

Carpet remains the most preferred choice of carpet in new house construction as well as renovation efforts. Homeowners continue to prefer the feel of carpet, especially when accompanied by a thick carpet cushion beneath their feet. When you have little children in the house, though, keeping your carpet clean may be a challenging effort. Purchasing a carpet with “children-friendly” features and product warranties is one of the greatest methods to save cleaning times.

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet is a prominent product in the carpet business. SmartStrand Carpet was developed by Mohawk Flooring many years ago and is marketed as one of the most durable, stain-resistant carpets on the market. Mohawk created a hilarious marketing film to assist advertise the product’s durability when it was first released. SmartStrand Carpet would be an excellent choice for bedrooms and living areas if you have children. Spills would be very easy to clean up, as would dirt and dust pulled in from the outside. Don’t forget about the carpet pad, either. It is preferable to pay a little more for a decent stain prevention pad than to get a simple, standard-quality pad (which will not last).

Ceramic Flooring

Many residents appreciate the advantages and aesthetics of ceramic tile in kitchens, entryways, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. Ceramic tile is available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Ceramic tile maintenance is fairly simple, and for the most part, ceramic tile is very forgiving when it comes to liquid spills and dirt clean-up. Simply take a dust mop or a tiny mop and a bucket of water and you’re ready to begin. This makes ceramic tile an excellent choice for residential flooring, particularly in high-traffic areas with water access. Customers often use ceramic tile in living areas such as bedrooms and living rooms. In this situation, area rugs are commonly used to soften the feel and look of the ceramic tile.

The hardness of the floor is one of the disadvantages of ceramic tile. With children around, any falls might be harmful, as well as putting your foot on a chilly floor. Ceramic tile may also be slippery when wet, so it may not be the greatest choice if you have young children who are starting to walk. A helpful alternative to consider with ceramic floor tile is to avoid “glossy” items and instead search for matte finish materials that are more slip-resistant.


Laminate flooring is a terrific kid-friendly flooring option with several benefits. For starters, laminate flooring is reasonably priced for parents seeking a high-end flooring aesthetic without the high-end expense. To attain the same traditional style, laminate flooring closely mimics actual hardwood floors. With a high-density fiberboard (HDF) or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) core, laminate also contains a protective scratch-resistant layer and is indentation-resistant, allowing it to guard against dropped items. It’s also stain-resistant in case of spilled beverages or filthy small hands, and it’s really simple to clean.

With these benefits in mind, there are a few drawbacks to laminate flooring. One disadvantage is that it may become fairly slippery when wet, posing a threat to children. Make certain that the laminate products you chose have low VOC emissions. FloorScore and the most renowned indoor air quality (IAQ) certification standard for hard surface flooring materials.

With these four easy-to-clean flooring types, you can easily maintain your home while raising your kiddos at the same time. Do you want to know what’s even better? Valor Home Services can help you! We have been providing stress-free floor installations for over 25 years. For more information or to book an appointment, call our team of experts today.