Efficient Bathroom Storage Ideas

Your bathroom is most likely one of the smallest rooms in your house. However, it is a room that stores many different items. With small areas, it typically does not have many storage options. Then, you get to the point where you are drowning in all your belongings. To help you put everything in its place, check out these efficient bathroom storage ideas.


The first bathroom storage that many people head to first is baskets. Baskets are not only easy to find and store objects but also easy to match your bathroom’s aesthetic. You can find baskets in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Once you have your baskets, you then place them around your restroom.

Wall Shelving

Never forget to utilize the wall, especially if you have a small restroom. Wall shelves or floating shelves are perfect to hold cosmetics, lotions, candles, decorations and other items. There are a load of shelving units in-store or even online. Once you have the shelves, let us help you install them correctly. You do not want lop-sided shelving units. Call us to book your appointment.

Low & High Hooks

Easily hang robes, towels and even plants in your bathroom with low and high hooks. Find a wall and place your hooks. We recommend finding an area near your bathtub or shower so you can hang your towel, so it is ready for you when you finish bathing. When installing hooks, measure out the room, so you have enough space to hang everything.

Bar Cart

Who said you can use a bar cart only as a portable bar? Many homeowners are buying or using their older bar carts and placing them in their restrooms. From there, you can store all sorts of items, including your toiletries, cleaning supplies, towels and more. Wayfair has a variety of bar carts for you to pick.

Cabinet Door Storage

You can enjoy smart organization by adding cabinet door storage. There are many different kinds of cabinet door storage that you can add. For example, there are hanging organizers, sliding organizers and even screw-in organizers and baskets. Before placing any storage containers on the doors, measure the doors and the depth of the cabinet before buying the organizers to ensure everything fits.

Drawer Organizers

Is the inside of your drawers looking disheveled to the point where you cannot find anything? Make your search and life easier by adding drawer organizers to your drawers. Some people make their own, while others use small baskets or even makeup organizers in their drawers. This is perfect for nail polish, beauty products and first aid products. Check out in-store or online for different options.

Magnetic Strips

Keep all your small metal items organized in one place by installing magnetic strips to either your wall or inside your cabinet doors. Once installed, you can then place items like tweezers, scissors, curling irons and other metal objects onto it. This is great for smaller items like bobby pins, so they do not get lost. Home Depot has a variety of strips and sizes for you to choose from.

By following these steps above, you can easily store all your items in your restroom. If you are thinking of storage ideas, have you thought about remodeling the room? Check out the top ten reasons why people might remodel/update their bathroom. Once you are ready to remodel, update, renovate or repair anything in your restroom or anywhere else in your house, call Valor Home Services to help. We have been serving clients in Edwardsville, O’Fallon, Belleville and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. If you want a stress-free experience, contact us today.