What Employers Like to See in Candidates

Here’s a list of 6 attributes employers are looking for in candidates. 

Nowadays, having the qualifications alone isn’t enough to land a job. It turns out that employers evaluate your suitability for the position based on your personality and other traits. You should keep this in mind as you go to interviews. Don’t forget to bring your personality, growth mindset and social skills along with your experience. The top 6 skills recruiters seek in candidates are covered in this article, along with advice on how to emphasize these qualities and tricks for attracting hiring managers’ attention.

Do you have all 6 of these characteristics?


One of the first impressions employers will have during your interview is when you come to your interview. All employers will take note of your promptness. If you show up early, many companies will have a great first impression. Many businesses will have a good first impression if you arrive on time. And if you arrive late, their first impression won’t be the best. Showing up late doesn’t mean that you won’t get the job. It just means they may question your promptness. 

Good Communication Skills

Practically every job requires good communication skills. Employers seek team members who can understand the expectations and productively interact with others. Writing, speaking, listening and negotiating are examples of communication skills frequently listed on resumes.


Candidates who exhibit grit, curiosity, optimism, a global mindset and a knack for problem-solving typically leave a good impression during the interview process. Employers also value individuals with strong interpersonal skills and a positive outlook on work-life balance. The ability to communicate clearly is also crucial. Home service companies work in a very technical field, but employees need to be able to explain what we do in terms that homeowners can understand. A complex subject can be made simple and engaging by telling stories and using relatable examples. This demonstrates your knowledge of the material while also demonstrating your ability to make unfamiliar material relatable to your audience. People at all levels of an organization can exhibit this kind of leadership.


The single most crucial quality for long-term success in life and at work is probably this one. Being true to oneself is the foundation of integrity. This implies that you are completely sincere in both your interactions with other people and with yourself. You’re not afraid to own up to your good and bad points. You’re not afraid to acknowledge where you’ve erred in the past. You particularly show loyalty. You never speak poorly of anyone you’ve worked with or for, including former employers. Never express any negative or critical sentiments, even if you were fired from a prior position.

Open Mindedness

Anyone starting a new job needs to have the ability to be open-minded. Even if you previously worked for a different company and held the same position, your new employer may operate differently. Job candidates must be open-minded to learning new methods of carrying out their duties and be eager to learn and try new things.

Strong Work Ethic

Another excellent trait to emphasize when applying for jobs is a strong work ethic. Employers seek workers they can rely on to complete tasks and meet deadlines without requiring constant supervision. When no one is regularly monitoring your progress, having a strong work ethic ensures that you can finish your assignments and manage your workload successfully.

Do you possess all 6 of these characteristics? Then you have a great chance of getting called for a second interview or even getting the job. Just like many other companies, Valor Home Services is also looking for these 6 attributes in our applicants. If you are this type of person, we would love to see your resume! Check out our different open jobs and fill out an application by going over to our Join the Team page.