Everything You Need to Know About Deck Care

Soon the weather will start warming up, and you and your family will want to spend more time outside. Many homeowners build decks onto their homes to have a space to relax while enjoying the great outdoors. But many of these deck owners do not know that they have to continuously care for their deck. Here is everything you need to know about deck care. 

How often should I clean my deck?

Basic cleaning should happen at least once a week, where you remove trash and sweep the area. Deep cleaning should occur at least once a year. A deep clean includes removing dirt and debris from cracks, killing mold and mildew and removing any stains. 

Can I power wash my deck?

Decks can be power washed. However, too much pressure can cause the wood to gouge. We recommend testing the pressure first on concrete and then on a small area of the deck. Once you find the right pressure, you can power wash the area. While power washing your deck, you want the nozzle of the washer to be at least 8 inches away from the boards. If you do not feel comfortable using a power washer, you can use a garden hose and a scrub brush or call a professional team. 

How do I remove debris from the cracks?

One of the hardest things to do when maintaining your deck is to remove the debris from the cracks. Over time, dirt, debris, bacteria, mold and mildew can accumulate in these areas due to weather, nature and foot traffic. To keep your deck boards healthy, you need to remove these particles. But how do you do so? There are many ways you can clear this away. First, you can get a putty knife and manually remove everything. You can also powerwash the area. The other step you can take is to apply the appropriate cleanser. If the debris is not budging, you can use all three methods to break it all down. 

Do I need to get it inspected?

Get your deck inspected at least once a year. Over time due to weather and foot traffic, your deck can incur damages like loose or rotted boards, steps and handrails. If the deck is not properly secured, you are at risk of you or someone else getting hurt. Therefore, we recommend getting a contractor out to your house before spring to ensure your deck is up to par. 

Should I paint, stain and seal the deck?

Painting, staining and sealing decks are additional steps you can take to improve the appearance and increase the longevity of your deck. While most deck owners prefer the natural color of the wooden boards, you can paint your deck to add character. However, remember that paint is not a sealant. You will also want to find exterior paint with water and UV protection. Sealing and staining your deck adds color, shine and protection. You will want to purchase a sealant and stain that is waterproof, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and UV resistant. We recommend working with a professional company to get this part of your deck maintenance done. 

Who do I call to help inspect, maintain and repair my deck?

You do not need to look far to call for help to inspect, maintain and repair your deck. Valor Home Services, your local stress-free home improvement company, has your back. Our skilled team of carpenters can come out and inspect your deck as well as maintain and repair it. We even offer exclusive offers throughout the year for deck inspections and repairs. For more information, give our team a call today.