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Everything You Need to Make the Best Guest Room

Besides having a clean space for your guests to stay in, you have to make sure everything in the room is ready for them. You do not want these invited people to come over and not having everything they need for a comfortable stay. That is why we created this guide going over everything you need to make the best guest room.


Every bedroom needs to have the basic furniture in it: a bed, nightstand and dresser. It is best to have at least a queen-sized bed as well as two nightstands. You only need one medium to large-sized dresser or wardrobe. After that, you can add other furniture as long as it fits the room. Some additional pieces include a desk with a chair, an entertainment center and additional seating like an armchair.

Extra Blankets & Sheets

Everyone has a different preference when it comes to how hot or cold they are in the room. Sometimes you cannot control the temperature in each room. That is why it is important to have extra blankets and sheets for guests who get cold easily. You can place the extras on top of the bed or in a drawer, wardrobe or closet. Make sure the sheets and blankets fit the bed as well.

Stocked Toiletries

Sometimes we forget to pack the essentials — toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, etc. Be one of the best hosts by having extras of all these items. Before your guests come, make sure to place these items in their proper places and keep extras in drawers and cabinets.


Appliances make a difference when staying in a new area. These items make the guests stay more comfortable and relaxing. Appliances we recommend every guest room having is a blow dryer, iron/ironing board, portable fan or heater and television. You can add additional ones if you see fit or if you have extras or the budget for it.

Snacks & Beverages

Your guests may need a midnight snack. So instead of letting them stay hungry or dig through your pantry late at night, leave a few drink and food options, they can munch on. If you do not have a mini-refrigerator in the room, we recommend sticking to food and beverages that do not need to be refrigerated before and after opening. Some great things to munch and drink include chips, candy, pretzels, fruit snacks, water and Gatorade.


Including instructions sounds strange at first, but hear us out. When someone visits a home that they rarely go to or have never been to, they will not know how to use everything like the internet, wifi, television, etc. When setting up the room, leave a note with instructions for things that need to be walked through or if anything needs usernames or passwords. Make sure the note is in a noticeable area so your guests can see it right away.

By following these tips, you can create the best guest room for your guests. If you ever need help remodeling this room or any other room of your home, let Valor Home Services know today.