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Expert Secrets to Clean Carpet

It’s not just a clean carpet you’re after. It’s not even just a great-looking carpet. It’s that feel of the perfect carpet.

You want to walk around in your slippers and love every step. You want to hunker down and scratch the dog behind his ears, play Twister, cuddle by the fire…and feel at home.

But then, life happens. Dirty feet clod in, colors fade, spills sour the moment. And it’s all you can do to stay ahead of the pounds and pounds of dust that your carpet sucks up each year.

Here are your pro tips to keep your carpets lush and beautiful, and enhancing the spaces they’re in:


Stains: Remember, blot stains, don’t rub them. Grab a cloth or paper towel with warm water or a gentle cleaning solution. You can even use a sponge, but make sure it’s a clean or new one to avoid transferring kitchen grease into your carpet fibers.


Vacuuming: Vacuum at least once a week, but remember—vacuuming isn’t just for dust! After removing any stain, for example, you can vacuum the damp part of your carpet to return it to its original texture.


Deep cleaning: Know how deep cleaning works to make sure it’s done properly. Deep cleaning nozzles introduce a controlled volume of water into your carpet to penetrate all the way to the base of the flooring installation, and then suck it all back up with its high-powered hose.


Don’t forget professional cleanings: Whether you want to deep clean carpets yourself on a seasonal basis or if you prefer to call the professionals, do make sure to clean carpets professionally at least once a year or every 18 months to keep your carpet warranty in good shape.


Entry protection: The easiest things to do are often the forgotten things. It takes next to no effort to drop mats at each outdoor-facing entryway to your home, and your carpets will thank you for it! You can stop most of the outdoor elements from tracking in with mats at every door.


You deserve to enjoy every bit of your carpet, and the life of your flooring can double if you treat it right. If you have any particularly tricky stains, blot right away and give us a call for extra help, O’Fallon or Belleville IL is not to far away for our expert carpet installation technicians. Not sure what kind of carpet you have, or how long the warranty lasts? We can answer that, too. Show your carpets some regular love, and your feet, furry friends and family will be thankful for it!