How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Refinished Hardwood Floors

Cleaning hardwood floors is not difficult. Because they are so simple to maintain, most people adore them. But you can take a lot of steps to keep your wood floors in excellent shape for many years to come.

Genuine hardwood flooring is an investment in the aesthetics of your house. They can also be a long-term solution because hardwood is supposed to last for decades. Original hardwood flooring is still present in many old houses. You must take certain care if you want your hardwood floors to last. To prolong the life of your hardwood flooring inside your home, heed the advice provided below.

Follow these tips for long-lasting hardwood floor refinishing. 

Keep Floors Cleaned

The longevity of the floor can also be increased by keeping it clean. Never allow any type of moisture, including dust, to remain on the wood flooring for an extended period of time. The polish may soon become dull and unsightly as a result. Additionally, spills must be cleaned up right away. The flooring will collect sitting water and distort, discolor and potentially decay as a result. In locations with significant traffic, stones and dirt particles can potentially harm the floors. Investing in rugs for entrances and exits is a smart move.

Use Rugs to Protect Floors

To ensure that guests and members of your home clean their feet before walking on your flooring, place rugs at the entrances. The addition of a rug shields the wood from dust and scuffs brought in by minute pieces of outdoor debris. In high-traffic areas, carpets can help protect your wood floors since the fabric acts as a cushion. Thick rugs look lovely under large furniture and protect your floors from dents, depressions, and scratches.

Avoid High-Pressure Points

The most frequent issue brought on by heavy furniture is high-pressure points. Large cabinets and couches support a lot of weight on comparatively weak legs. As a result, the pressure per square inch rises, and the flooring may be harmed if it is too high. The damaging effects of heavy furniture on hardwood are lessened by a variety of weight-distribution pads.

Use Curtains to Prevent Fading

Hardwood floor surfaces are susceptible to harm from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Direct exposure over time can lead to fading and an uneven appearance, especially in sections of a room that receive more sunshine. Install shades or drapes and draw them whenever there is direct sunlight falling on your floors to prevent fading. These covers safeguard not just your home’s furnishings but also the flooring.

Protect the Flooring from Humidity

Wood flooring can be harmed by moisture. In any room with wooden flooring, try to keep moisture—and especially moisture fluctuations—to a minimum. To monitor the amount of moisture in your home, you might want to install a hygrometer. If you reside in a humid area, make sure your home is well-insulated against the weather and utilize a dehumidifier to maintain a dry indoor environment. Direct wetness on your floors can rot and stain them, doing even more harm. Always wipe up spills quickly and take care of leaks in your home right away. Use only the necessary amount of water or liquid cleaning solution while washing your hardwood floors. After cleaning is complete, wipe the flooring dry. To clean your floors, use a dry or slightly moist towel.

It might be time for a hardwood refinishing procedure if you feel your floor is starting to appear a little drab. A worn-out hardwood floor can be transformed into a brand-new one by the professionals at Valor Home Services. Learn more by calling our office team today.