Exterior Home Projects I Need to Get Done After Winter

Only a couple of months away, and spring will be here. And while you are tucked away trying to stay warm, you need to start thinking about the outside of your home because it is working hard to protect you and your family. After winter, there are some things you need to get done to keep your home in tip-top condition. Check out these exterior home projects that you need to get done after the season. 


Moisture from rain, snow and ice can cause mold and mildew to build upon the outside of your home. The best way to remove these stains is through power washing. Once your exterior is cleaned, you can patch up any areas or paint. Our team is not power washing experts; however, we are happy to refer you out to a few teams.


Your yard goes through a lot each season. With winter, it sees snow, ice, wind, rain and freezing temperatures, which can cause plants to die, sinkholes, mud and other issues. The best way to fix any landscaping problems is to work with a professional landscaping company. They can help you get your home ready for spring and summer. If you need help finding a skilled landscaper, we can give you a list of companies or contractors we trust. 

Small Projects

Door Installation/Repair

If your front door survived the winter, you do not need to worry about this step. However, we do recommend still checking for air leaks, gaps and any other issues. After winter is also the perfect time to reapply weatherstripping, to replace doorknobs and locks and paint. If you want a new front or back door, Valor Home Services can help. We trust Pella exterior doors for all our door products. Once your door is delivered, we can help you install it. 

Window Installation/Repair

Just like your doors, you need to check your windows. You want to ensure that there are no gaps, cracks, screen tears or air leaking through. If you notice any of these issues, you need to repair or replace the window right away. For window products, we suggest checking out Pella windows. They have a variety of shapes, styles, colors and more for any part of your home. Once the window is delivered, our skilled team of experts can help you install them. 

Small Projects

Deck Repairs

Decks are made from wood. Therefore, water, moisture, mold and pests can cause damage to it over the season. Before you get ready to enjoy it over the spring or summer, you need to make sure that it is safe to use. While your home inspector is checking the rest of your home, make sure they check your deck as well. If you only need your deck inspected, our team is happy to help. Schedule your appointment today here. Once you get the report back from the inspector, you can then make the proper improvements. 

Mailbox Installation

An exterior home improvement or repair that many homeowners skip is mailbox updates. Over the years, your mailbox has made it through many seasons and storms. However, it’s the one place that holds valuable items — mail, packages and important documents (especially tax information). Therefore, you want to make sure your mailbox is in tip-top shape. Your mailbox needs to fully close, the red handle needs to easily slide up and down and the post needs to be sturdy enough to withstand nature. We also recommend adding your house number, so delivery drivers have an easy time locating your home. Valor Home Services has experience with mailbox installation and repair. For more information, give us a call today. 

Gutter Maintenance

Water, dirt, leaves, branches, pests and other debris can get stuck in your gutters over the winter season. If you do not clear your gutters, it can lead to exterior damages, flooding and other issues. You do not want this to happen; therefore, you need to clean and check on it. Many homeowners clean their gutters on their own. All you need is a ladder, trash bags and gloves. If you notice rust, missing screws or any other issues, call a home improvement company for help. 

Roof Maintenance

Snow, ice and wind can cause damage to your roof. And because it is so high up, you may not notice any of these issues until it is too late. Therefore, once the weather warms up, we recommend calling a roof inspector to check your home. They will give you a report to help you determine what you need to be done. While we are not roofing experts, we can give you a list of companies we suggest to help. 

Luckily for you, Valor Home Services can help you with many of these exterior home repairs and improvement projects. And if our team cannot do it, we have a plethora of referrals you can give you. Get your home ready for the next season by booking your appointment today.