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Fall Gardening 101

Many of us are spending more time at home this season. And with this extra time, we have to keep ourselves occupied and active. That is where gardening comes to play. Gardening is a relaxing activity that causes you to move a lot. If you want to create an autumn garden, then check out this fall gardening 101 guide. 

Plant Flowers

When we think of fall, we tend to think of plants dying; however, many flowers flourish in the fall. Flowers like pansies and violas survive in dropping temperatures. There are extra care tips you need to follow like adding a thick layer or mulch around them once the soil does freeze. But, the best part is that once you plant them in the fall, they regrow in the spring when temperatures warm up. 

Clean Unwanted Growth

While taking care of your garden in the fall, it is time to clean unwanted growth. During the autumn, you need to pull up dead plants and weeds to ensure that your garden does not get overtaken. You will want to clean everything in the garden patch and around it. 


Did you know that you can grow vegetables during the fall? Vegetables like beans, kale, beets, radishes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, turnips, green onions, peas and cauliflower grow very well in cold weather. Before planting any of these veggies, make sure to read and understand when you need to plant, water and harvest. 

Rake Fallen Leaves

Just like cleaning unwanted plant growth and weeds, you need to rake fallen leaves during the fall. Fallen leaves can dampen the view of your yard and also hide unwanted pests like ants, rodents and termites. After you finish raking, make sure to bag all the leaves and dispose of them. 

Understand When to Water

Now that you have your garden going, you cannot forget about taking care of these plants. While plants are not as high maintenance as children or pets, they still do need some care like fertilizer and water. Many fall plants do not need as much water as the other seasons. Before planting anything, you need to understand how much moisture the plant needs. It is best to schedule an automatic sprinkler to water your autumn garden. 

Now it is time to get planting! While we do not handle gardens at Valor Home Services, we can help you maintain your yard and repair interior and exterior home items. Just give us a call today for us to work on your O’Fallon, Edwardsville or Belleville home.