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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

The crisp autumn air is approaching fast. And while we are ready to enjoy cooler weather, fallen leaves, Halloween and Thanksgiving, we sometimes forget that we need to prep our home for the next season. That’s why we created this fall home maintenance checklist. 

Rake Leaves

Throughout the season, leaves will fall from the trees on or surrounding your property. You will need to continue to rake and bag them. Raking helps keep your lawn clean and keep nasty pests away. For homeowners that cannot keep up with raking, hire a local landscaper to keep your yard in tip-top shape. 

Clean Gutters

The number of leaves and sticks that get stuck in gutters may surprise you. Stuck leaves and sticks make it hard for water to go through during a rainstorm. A clogged gutter can cause damage to a home’s roof or siding. Throughout autumn, try to check your gutters once a month to make sure they are clear. 

Seal Holes, Cracks & Gaps

With each new season, you need to check and seal any holes, cracks and gaps that you spot. Sealing openings will help keep uninvited pests and animals from creeping inside and keeps your home well-insulated as the temperatures begin to drop. There are many ways to close any opening like chaulking and foam, but working with a professional home service company will help you seal hard to spot areas. 

Prepare Your Heater

Say goodbye to swimsuit season, and hello to sweater weather. As the temperatures transition from hot to cool, you need to prepare your heater for the cold months. You will need to clean all vents, change your heater filters and schedule a heating system maintenance check. If you do not do these steps, there is a possibility that your home will catch on fire. 

Check for Floor Damages

Fall is the perfect time to do flooring repairs before winter hits. During your maintenance check, look for any stains, scuffs, marks and water damage on your floors. You can easily get your hardwood floors refinished. A new refinish will look great for the upcoming holidays. You also can easily hire a flooring installation expert to help you put down waterproof flooring to prepare your home for bad weather and snowstorms. 

Do Exterior Repairs

Before the cold weather hits, you need to start repairing the outside of your home. Fall is the perfect time to repair or replace house siding, roofs, gutters and any other exterior problems. You want to make sure your home is in top shape before the first snowfall its. We can help you with all your exterior needs with one of our home repair contractors

Add Weatherstripping 

Weatherstripping is the process of adding some components to seal air leaks near openings like doors and windows. While you have your heater on, you do not want any of the warm air in your house to escape. By weatherstripping your home, you will be saving energy costs while staying warm all season long. 

Clean Fireplaces & Chimneys

As the temperatures begin to drop, you are going to want to light up your fireplace. Before sparking the flame, you must clean your fireplace and chimney. Between spring and summer, you never know what can be stuck or hiding in your chimney. Plus, you will want to keep it clean, so soot doesn’t build up on the sides. You will also want to clean your fireplace by sweeping old ash, replacing old woodblocks and clearing out spider webs or leaves. 

Do not fall behind on the upkeep of your home for autumn. Follow this checklist to make sure your home is ready to take on the season. And for help on implementing all these tasks, here at Valor Home Services, we can do them all and more. Just give us a call today!