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Tips To Find The Right Handyman

Looking for a handyman in O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh, or surrounding areas? You’re probably looking for more than just the first name that pops up—you want the best.

Do you have a system for selecting your home service professionals? What else are you looking for in a handyman? What standards have you set, and what process do you have to pick the best?

You can use this article to answer all the above. Whether you work with Valor Home Services’ handymen or choose another provider, the important thing is that you feel good about your decision. Make the choice that’s right for your family.

To do that, follow these simple steps to research and hire the right handyman for you.

Step 1: Search for a local handyman using reputable directory resources

Use any reputable directory resource to search for handyman services ahead of time, and be prepared to compare them against each other. Even Google is a directory resource, because you can see recent reviews from clients. You can also get leads from friends and family—just be sure to look them up on those same directories to get more information.

Step 2: Check for fair rates

Not all estimates are created equal. When you start reaching out to your handyman leads to get quotes, be sure to get a detailed quote to see whether the cost includes all labors and materials.

Step 3: Ask what guarantees, warranties and promises are in place

A hidden part of cost to factor in is what protections are in place for work done. Even the handyman whose service costs you 20% more will be a better deal if there are guarantees and warranties offered in the case something breaks down later. You’ll save far more money with these protections in place.

Step 4: Ask what other skills the handyman has

Whatever the scope of the handyman job you need done, what other services does the provider offer? If the handyman also has other lines of service—for example, remodeling, flooring, and similar—then you can be sure they have skilled team members who do more than just the “surface stuff.”

Step 5: Ask if they’re insured

Once you have a good feeling about the handyman you’re thinking of hiring, ask if their company is insured. This is the final “safety check” to be sure you’re choosing the professional who is truly ready to serve.

Discuss your project openly with your chosen handyman at that point. Get everything in writing, and don’t be shy about any questions you have to ask. The important thing is that you get the service you need for your comfort and safety at home—and who you invite into your home to do the work is part of that equation.

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