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Five Ways to Spot an Untrustworthy Bathroom Remodeler

Contrary to popular belief, recognizing an unscrupulous bathroom contractor is easier said than done. Most people anticipate a caricature of a used car salesperson or a shady alley seller who seems and acts shady from the outset. The truth is that dodgy restroom contractors do not resemble what we imagine them to be. In fact, they are likely to appear the polar opposite: bright, open, pleasant and ready to assist you.

Being duped in the middle of a bathroom renovation project—or, worse, afterward—can be one of the worst feelings in the world. Save yourself the pain by following these five easy, uncomplicated techniques for identifying dodgy bathroom remodeling contractors.

Lack of Insurance, Licenses & Registrations

One of the most effective methods to catch a dodgy restroom contractor is to request their paperwork. The laws governing renovation contractor licensing and registration differ from state to state. One thing they all have in common is that a professional who receives payment in exchange for services must have a state license or be registered with a state-recognized department.

These documents are intended to safeguard both parties from any potential legal concerns or challenges. Any honest, self-respecting contractor will work hard to get it. If the bathroom remodeler you’re considering employing refuses to show you their paperwork or makes up some ridiculous explanation for not having their license and registration, that’s a red flag. If you live in O’Fallon, Belleville, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas, you do not have to look far for a trustworthy bathroom remodeling company. Valor Home Services is licensed, insured and bonded, so you and our team are safe and protected no matter what happens. 

Unclear or Limited Communication

The top home improvement companies believe in maintaining continual, seamless communication from the start. They do this to save time, prevent misunderstandings and keep their clients informed. The majority (if not all) successful bathroom renovation projects are the result of a positive working relationship between the contractor and the customer. This type of good connection is usually the result of effective communication.

If the restroom contractor is unwilling to create clear communication channels, this is a major red flag. Start re-evaluating their standing as possible partners if they don’t advise daily or even weekly check-ins. Meanwhile, if they can’t answer basic inquiries about the timetable, pricing, renovation plan or budget, it’s advisable to move on to the next contender. The top bathroom renovation contractors value complete openness. They understand that without it, they would be unable to convert your idea into a reality. When in doubt, avoid contractors who are elusive and vague—they almost always have something to conceal. At Valor Home Services, one of our three promises is better communication. We want and will be transparent with you from the moment you first contact us. 

Lack of Reviews or Mixture of Reviews

The best way for any company to gain a repertoire in your community and online is through reviews and references. These testimonials and recommendations give others insight into what the company is like and what its results look like. Are you most likely to work with a bathroom remodeler with many reviews or no reviews? If you answered yes, then you are with the majority of customers. And no one can blame you — you do not want to be stuck with a nightmare of a project, especially since bathroom remodels are stressful enough. 

Another red flag to look out for when looking at others’ experiences is the lack of a good mixture of reviews. What we mean is that all you see are super generic, raving reviews that do not necessarily speak about what happened. Many times, these are bought reviews or fake testimonials. Trustworthy companies have a mixture of awesome, great, good and alright reviews. Some may even have one or two negative reviews, and that is okay! Some individuals have different standards of how a project should go. If you are working with a new company that does not have a huge presence yet, we recommend asking for past photos and reference numbers so you can get a little bit of insight. We have a load of reviews for you to skim through on social media, Google and our Customer Reviews page if you ever want to see what it is like to work with us. 

Small or No Contracts

Although many individuals dislike dealing with contracts, they are an essential component of every enterprise. Reputable bathroom remodeling contractors understand the need for a written contract signed by all parties involved. It provides coverage for everything and everyone. Every element, from the building permit number to the third-party supplier, must be recorded in a contract or legal document for big remodeling projects. This is designed to help with legal disputes, reduce any legality difficulties, and legally bind the customer and the contractor in an agreement to exchange cash remuneration for professional services done.

That being said, restroom contractors that offer imprecise, single-page “official” contracts for you to sign should be avoided, especially if the document lacks any detailed specifics at all. What confidence do you have that the contractor will complete the job in the advertised two months if it lacks a timeline/end date? What guarantee do you have that you’re paying for high-quality, top-of-the-line products if the supplier’s name isn’t listed? Before you sign any contracts with us, we sit down with you and discuss the schedule, prices, warranties, design, results and anything else that will need clarification. 

Unrealistic Bids and Estimations

People usually avoid large bids to save money, but low offers are just as suspicious. It’s not uncommon for bathroom contractors to submit bids well below the normal cost, claiming that the makeover would be utilized for “promotion.” Other fraudulent excuses include alleged supplier connections and out-of-season marketing.

Is your bathroom contractor proposing a cheap price without providing a plausible and credible explanation? Plus, no evidence to back it up? Assume that they will either cut as many corners as possible or that they will cut and run. In any instance, beat them to the punch and politely decline. At Valor Home Services, we strive to provide you with a budget that fits your budget and our quality of work. We will be transparent with you from the beginning about the costs and will not change them. If the price does change, an unexpected situation turned up (usually further problems that we or the homeowners did not know were there until we started working on the project). However, if anything does change, we will contact you right away. We never want to keep you in the dark. 

In general, the greatest renovation contractors will go out of their way to accommodate you. This means doing all possible to set your mind at ease. Remodeling contractors who go above and above to ensure your trust and give you with all the materials you need for background checks are typically the ones who have nothing to hide. And that is exactly what Valor Home Services does with every single client. We know that bathroom remodels are extremely stressful, time-consuming and expensive, that is why our main goal is to provide you with a stress-free experience. If you are ready for the easiest bathroom remodel, then give our team a call today