Five Ways to Spot an Untrustworthy General Contractor

Here are five ways to spot an untrustworthy general contractor.

Contrary to common opinion, identifying a dishonest contractor is easier said than done. Most people expect a caricature of a used vehicle salesperson or a shady alley seller who seems and acts suspicious from the start. The fact is that shady contractors are not what we picture them to be. They are more likely to be the exact opposite: bright, open, cheerful, and eager to help you. Being misled during or after a renovation project might be one of the worst sensations in the world. Save yourself the trouble by using these five simple tactics for recognizing shady renovation contractors.

Review these reasons before you find a contractor.

No Contracts

Many general contracting companies consider verbal agreements or even estimations to be enforceable contracts, which are not the same thing. Although many people loathe dealing with contracts, they are an essential component of every business. A contract’s purpose is to safeguard both parties’ mutual interests if something goes wrong. This is intended to assist with legal disputes, decrease legality issues, and legally bind the client and the contractor in an agreement to exchange financial recompense for professional services performed.

We strongly advise you to investigate why a contractor never offers a contract. Why would you avoid signing a contract for a renovation project, which is generally a large financial investment? The existence of a contract suggests professionalism and accountability. Contractors that give imprecise, single-page “official” contracts for you to sign, on the other hand, should be ignored, especially if the paper lacks any exact specifications at all. How confident are you that the contractor will do the task in the stated two months if there is no timeline/end date? If the supplier’s name isn’t displayed, how can you be sure you’re paying for high-quality, top-of-the-line products? Avoid companies that “don’t believe in that sort of stuff.” Valor Home Services, on the other hand, is a firm believer in written agreements. Before we begin work on your project, we will sit down with you and go over a contract that we both agree on. We will begin work after everything has been authorized and signed.

No Reviews, References or Past Project Photos

Reviews and recommendations are the most effective ways for any firm to build a reputation in your town and online. These testimonials and suggestions provide others with information about the firm and its outcomes. Are you more inclined to use a contractor with many or no reviews? If you said yes, you are among the majority of consumers. Nobody can blame you if you don’t want to be trapped with a nightmarish project, especially because remodeling is stressful enough. When working with a general contractor, you should look at previous project images and reviews to determine whether your needs and desires match their level of work. Typically, project photographs may be found on their website, social media, or even Google. If there are no project images on any of their platforms, we recommend moving on to the next firm.

Finding reviews on sites like Angie’s List, Google, or HomeAdvisor might be useful, but it can be difficult to determine whether the reviews are real. This is when your social network might come in handy. Request recommendations on Facebook, from your neighbors, or via NextDoor. It is advantageous to chat with others who have interacted with these companies and can offer you an unbiased critique. You may discover prior project photographs on all of Valor Home Services‘ social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest), as well as past client evaluations on Google, social media, and our website under Customer Reviews.

Not Insured, Licensed or Bonded

Requesting documents from a shady contractor is one of the most efficient ways to catch them. State rules regarding renovation contractor licensure and registration vary. They all have one thing in common: a professional who gets paid in return for services must obtain a state license or be registered with a state-recognized department. Licenses demonstrate that the contractor has extensive experience and will know what to do if difficulties arise. These licenses must be renewed regularly and frequently need the contractor to pass tests and stay current on industry advancements.

These agreements are meant to protect both parties from any potential legal issues or problems. Any trustworthy, self-respecting contractor will strive hard to obtain it. If the remodeler you’re thinking about hiring refuses to show you their documentation or invents some nonsensical excuse for not having their license and registration, that’s a red flag. You won’t have to seek far for a reputable renovation firm if you reside in O’Fallon, Belleville, Edwardsville, or the nearby towns. Valor Home Services is licensed, insured, and bonded, so no matter what occurs, you and our crew are safe and secure.

No Website or Social Media Presence

You should always deal with a firm that has a website and a social media presence while trying to finish a project around your home. Why? Because others have most likely used their services. Websites and social media platforms may also provide price breakdowns, contact information, reviews, project images, deals and other information. If the contractor you’re considering doesn’t have these two characteristics, it might not be as reliable as you believe. Valor Home Services has a website as well as a social media presence where you can browse projects, offers, reviews, services, updates, news, and other information.

Poor Communication

After all, it’s your home, and your ideas are crucial. However, because you are (most likely) not an experienced contractor, a skilled specialist should advise you on how to achieve your ideal project and let you know when something is unlikely to work. This is a major red flag if your contractor does not give insight into the process or is not full of tips and assistance. They should appreciate your point of view while also being confident enough to speak up about potential issues.

From the start, the top home remodeling companies believe in continual, seamless communication. They use this to save time, reduce confusion, and keep their customers up to date. The majority (if not all) of successful renovation projects are built on a strong working relationship between the contractor and the customer. This type of strong friendship is typically the result of open communication. Better communication is one of Valor Home Services‘ three commitments. We aim to be open and keep you informed from the minute you contact us. We provide updates, on-my-way messages, and other messages during the process.

In general, the best remodeling contractors will go above and above to accommodate you. This entails doing all necessary to put your mind at ease. Remodeling contractors who go above and above to earn your trust and provide you with all of the resources you want for background checks are likely to have nothing to hide. And that is precisely what Valor Home Services provides for every client. We understand that remodels are stressful, time-consuming, and costly, which is why our primary objective is to give you a stress-free experience. Give our staff a call now if you’re ready for a stress-free experience.