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Floor Refinishing and Why Wood Hardness Matters

Did you ever stop to think how the wood hardness of the wood used in your floor will affect the refinishing process?

Probably not, right?

I’ll get to that answer soon. First, let me explain what wood hardness comes down to.

What to know about wood hardness

  1. The species of wood in your flooring is the factor with the biggest impact on the floor’s hardness. This aspect of hardness is inherent to the type of wood.

  2. Wood hardness is measured using what’s called the Janka Scale, which determines the hardness of different species of hardwood and softwood used in homes.

  3. “Wood provenance” refers to where the wood is grown and harvested, and can have a big effect on hardness. Places where wood grows faster will form larger, softer rings.

  4. The wood grain direction can also affect the hardness of a floor.

  5. Texture in hardwood floors helps mask effects of traffic and life in general, and also indicates that a wood has a greater degree of hardness.

Hardness and hardwood finish

The hardwood floor finish you choose is another huge factor in determining the “perceived hardness” of your floor (in other words, the durability). Even for softer woods, if you choose the right finish and refinishing process, you can actively enhance the floor’s capacity to withstand traffic and normal wear and tear.

High-quality hardwood floor finishes also have greater flexibility, allowing them to absorb heavy impact without cracking (actually protecting the wood underneath).

There’s a reason why I’ve been in this business for over 20 years. The countless ways you can care for your floors and extend their longevity never cease to amaze me, especially when we get down to details like the hardness and grain of the species of wood used in your floors.

This is information I’d love to share with my neighbors and friends in and around Glen Carbon, Shiloh, Edwardsville and surrounding areas. Don’t miss your chance—reach out to me personally if you have questions.