Edwardsville Flooring
Installation Professionals

Valor Home Services is prepared to assist you with your upcoming Edwardsville flooring installation. For over 25 years, our professional team of experts has been installing flooring in houses. They can work with any type of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, premium vinyl and ceramic tile. We will give a quick and affordable quotation within a few business days of receiving your contact, keeping you and your schedule in mind.

Updating the floors is one of the finest ways to transform the atmosphere of a space. Alternatively, frequent foot movement might wear away the original flooring. New flooring can completely transform a space. Working with Valor Home Services is the best method to do this.

The following is an example of what Valor Home Services can achieve for you. We can replace any type of flooring with a new one. If only a tiny portion of the floor is destroyed, we can replace it as long as we have the brand, type and color. Our professionals will also remove outdated flooring, materials and supplies. We will even assist you with moving furnishings. After the Edwardsville flooring installation is complete, we will reinstall everything and give you a final walkthrough.

How to Find the Best Floor Installation Edwardsville Experts

One of the most typical issues that many homeowners have while seeking floor installation Edwardsville experts is that they do not give excellent quality, communication and other services. You do not want to be trapped with a contractor that does not communicate well, does not adhere to deadlines and does not offer high-quality work. These circumstances force homeowners to embark on a do-it-yourself project. While DIY projects are achievable, they can add time, worry and money. Never allow this to happen to you; instead, come here to discover how to choose the finest installers.

The first thing you should look for in a contractor is if they are licensed, insured and bonded. These things not only safeguard the firm, but also you, the homeowner, in the event of damage, theft, injury or other difficulties. You can acquire this information online or by directly contacting the contractor. If they refuse to provide you with such information, this is not the firm for you.

You should also pick a floor installation Edwardsville firm that delivers outstanding communication, high-quality work and exceptional customer service. Many businesses claim to have these attributes, but you won’t know for sure until they display client evaluations or prior project images. You can usually discover these two items on their website, Google listing and social media.

Our Flooring in Edwardsville IL
Installation Team Provides the Best

Now that you know what to look for, here are some of the reasons why our flooring in Edwardsville IL team is the finest. Valor Home Services offers over 25 years of experience in the flooring market. Our trained team of specialists has worked on hundreds of houses and is well-versed in all types of flooring. When we employ for Team Valor, we look for people that embody our fundamental principles and have the experience to back them up. And, to keep all of our professionals up to date, we provide them with additional training as needed.

To further grasp our basic principles, we mean service before self, integrity first and excellence in all we do. When we say “service before self,” we imply that your project and needs come first. Integrity first implies that we are completely truthful and honest with you from the start. And excellence in all we do means that we will give every job our all. Our basic principles are demonstrated by our three promises: fiscal accountability, improved communication and high-quality work.

We give a realistic quotation for our flooring in Edwardsville IL projects that considers your time, money and demands. If you decide to collaborate with us, we will keep to our agreements. In rare and unanticipated circumstances, project challenges or materials may cause the price to fluctuate, but we will keep you informed. We are in continual contact with you from the minute you call us for better communication. While driving to your house, we even send ‘on the way’ texts. We hand-pick the finest of the best and work with high-grade materials to ensure that all of our work is of the highest quality. We will not leave until we are completely delighted with the results. Furthermore, if anything goes wrong with the labor portion of the project, we offer a 3-year Craftsmanship Guarantee.

Edwardsville IL Flooring Expectations

You should have a set of criteria or expectations from any organization you work with. If not, a contractor may wind up doing their own thing, not addressing your queries, adding time and money to the job or never finishing it. At Valor Home Services, we prefer to let you know what to anticipate from our Edwardsville IL flooring team right away.

We have a simple process to help get the job done:

Step 1:
The Consultation

First, send us photos of the current floor area(s) that need our help and any inspiration photos. During our phone call, we will discuss further details as well as schedule an in-home consultation.

Step 2:
Getting to Work

Once all the details are set, we will send you an estimate and wait for your approval. After we receive your approval and deposit, we will purchase materials and provide you with installation dates. Edwardsville IL flooring can take 3-7 days.

Step 3:
Your Floors are Ready

Once the work is complete, we’ll clean the area and ensure that your floors are ready to go. Our customer experience coordinator will also follow up a few times over the next year to ensure that you’re happy with your new space.

Our crew is very accommodating in terms of scheduling, health and safety issues and payment methods. Please contact us straight away if you have any questions, concerns, or difficulties.

Flooring in Edwardsville Additional Resources

Many customers hunt for more information on flooring in Edwardsville. Rather than spending hours seeking and falling into a rabbit hole. Valor Home Services made it simple to locate more providers to assist you with your next job.

The first place to search for further information is our Free Resources page. We have several booklets, infographics, product catalogs, guideline, and other resources covering all of our services, including flooring. Signing up for our email newsletter is recommended because we release fresh resources throughout the year. Our News & Blogs page is another fantastic way to learn more about our flooring services. We cover a wide range of flooring topics to assist you with your next project.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page is another excellent source of information regarding flooring in Edwardsville. There, we answer many of the typical inquiries that our clients have had throughout the years. After you’ve finished browsing our website, we recommend visiting our social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Nextdoor and YouTube. Every day, we release special deals, movies, project photographs, amusing information, and other content.

How Can I Book an Edwardsville IL Floor Installation Appointment?

You like what you see and hear and want to schedule an Edwardsville IL floor installation, but how do you do that? Fortunately, Valor Home Services offers a variety of alternatives for you to schedule a consultation with us. The first place to start is on our website.

There is a green ‘Book Online‘ button at the top of every single page. When you click that button, you will be sent to our online scheduler. You may then select the most convenient day and hour for you. We also have numerous various forms that you may fill out on our website to book.

There are a few more locations where you may schedule an Edwardsville IL floor installation with our knowledgeable staff. Our social media platforms are the next best way to arrange an appointment (Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.) All you have to do is send a message or click ‘Get Quote.’ Google is the next place you can make an appointment. If you search Valor Home Services, we will appear, and you can arrange an appointment right away. We also welcome referral reservations (past customers, other businesses and realtors). Before scheduling an appointment, we need that they supply your contact information.

How Can I Contact Your Floor Installation in Edwardsville Team?

You may not always be ready to schedule a floor installation in Edwardsville. Instead, you may have a few queries or reservations. You may reach out to our staff in a variety of ways. The top spot is on our website. We have a Contact Us page dedicated to precisely that. Fill out the form, and someone from our team will contact you within 24 to 72 hours. You may contact our staff using a variety of ways on our website.

The next way to reach out to our specialists is through social media. You can contact us through any of our social media sites, and we will answer within 24 to 72 hours. We recommend leaving your name, email address and phone number for the fastest answers. You may also reach us via Google. You only need to click the message button. You may also find our email and phone numbers on our website. Our crew is always available to assist with floor installation in Edwardsville. Simply call us today to learn more.