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What to Expect During Flooring Installation

Installing new floors is a long process that ends with amazing, stylish results. You’ve picked the flooring of your dreams, and now you are ready for installation. Every type of flooring option has different expectations during installation. Some floors take longer than others and require more equipment. Below we’ve laid out what you can expect during each flooring installation. 

Before moving into each flooring option, there are a few expectations that they all go through. You must clean the ground and remove all furniture and objects from the areas that are getting new floors. Some contractors recommend tearing up the old flooring or removing doors so they can easily come in and out with their supplies. It’s important to discuss these steps with the flooring team you are working with before the start date. Some home service teams will do all these steps for you for free or at an additional fee. On installation day, you will want to find an area for your children and animals to stay safe and away from loud noises and tools. At least one homeowner should stay home to answer any questions the contractor has. Now that you understand the basics, it’s time to dive into each flooring type. 


Carpet is one of the easiest types of floors to install. Besides knowing how the seams, trims and transitions work, many homeowners can install it by themselves. However, to make your life easier, working with a professional installation team will make sure your carpet fits correctly. Once the team is working, you need to stay in the house to answer any questions and to do the walk-thru before they complete the installation. 

Hardwood Floors

There are four ways to install hardwood floors: nail down, glue-down, staple down and floating. Each method comes with different expectations. When it comes to installing hardwood floors with nails or staples, be ready to have a few days full of noise as the installation team attaches the planks to the subfloor. If your contractor uses the glue-down method, prepare you and your home with the odor that follows suit. It is important to know that all hardwood planks need to grow accustomed to your home and the humidity levels before installation. 


The second easiest flooring to install is laminate. Laminate floors come ready to install with its snap-together technology. You can install laminate over pre-existing surfaces, so you don’t have to tear out your old floors. Many DIY homeowners choose laminate floors because it uses minimum adhesives and snaps together easily. However, do not overestimate your level of flooring knowledge. In many cases,  homeowners that install laminate flooring themselves create a substandard floor that ends up being professionally fixed. Also, keep in mind that most manufacturers recommend letting your laminate floors grow accustomed to your home and humidity levels before installation. 

Luxury Vinyl

Another simple flooring to install is luxury vinyl. Just like laminate, many DIY homeowners choose luxury vinyl as their go-to flooring. Luxury vinyl has three installation options: glue-down, floating and click. If you do plan on installing luxury vinyl on your own, the floating and click methods are the easiest to install. They both require minimum adhesives and have snap-together technology that makes it easy to install on your own. If you plan on trying the glue-down method, many manufacturers recommend working with a professional contractor. The glue-down method is a little more challenging and needs extra care and precision. 

Before you know it, you or your contractor will finish the installation, and your floors will look fresh and stylish. Here at Valor Home Services, we not only can install your new floors but remove furniture, fixtures and old flooring. And once the project is complete, we can place your belongings back inside or throw away trash and old furniture or fixtures. To learn more about our installation process or other services in the Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas, give us a call today