Garage Makeover Ideas

An underrated space in your house is your garage. While it is typically a place to hold your vehicles or outdoor gear, you are missing out on its true potential. If you want to jazz up this space, then you need to check out these garage makeover ideas.

Finish Building

Many garages come unfinished in homes. You may see a concrete subfloor, walls without drywall and one overhead light. Believe it or not, your garage does not have to be a drag; instead, you can elevate it by finishing the build. The main part of completing the room is to add drywalls and make sure you have enough lighting. From there, you can add additional features based on your wants and needs.

Add Storage

Since your garage will hold many items — holiday decorations, outdoor gear, tools and more — you need to have somewhere to put it all. And, the best way to do so is with storage options. Luckily with garages, there are many different storage options. We have seen metal paneling or strips for tools, ceiling hangers for bikes and containers, pegboards, tool kits, wall shelves, hooks and much more. The options are limitless.

Paint the Walls Bold and Bright

Garages do not get much natural light, and many have dark concrete flooring. Liven up the area by painting the walls bold and bright. Adding a fresh coat of paint helps the room seem more like a house accessory or asset compared to a parking space.

Install Flooring

While you can keep the concrete subfloor, you can add more character to your garage by installing a floor. The best kind of floor for your garage is epoxy floors. This type of flooring resists chips, oil and grease stains and water, which is perfect since vehicles will come in contact with it daily. Plus, maintaining and cleaning it is simple! All you have to do is wipe it clean!

Make it Functional

You are most likely using the room for some sort of purpose, whether it is storing items or your makeshift workshop. Therefore, you want the physical space to be as functional as possible. Make sure you have enough space to walking around freely, enough bright lighting, regulated temperatures and anything else you need.

Call A Team to Help

Once gathering all your garage makeover ideas, you may think it is an impossible task on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. You can call a team like Valor Home Services to help you get it all done. Our skilled team of remodelers can give you the garage makeover you need. For more information or an estimate, call us today.