What is a Garden Level Basement?

There are three different kinds of basements — standard, walkout and garden level. To help you get a better understanding of each one, we’re breaking down the information into three different guides. In this first guide, we will be discussing garden level basements.

What is a garden level basement?

A garden level basement is a hybrid of a standard and walkout basement, with a slope but not the 6-7 feet required for a walkout condition. The degree of slope varies from each one, but in general, you will get partial views out of the basement windows and, in some cases, partial window wells on the side of the window that is still below. In garden-level homes, a deck is also required.

What are the qualities?

In fact, the “dungeon” impression of the garden-level basement isn’t accidental: less natural light, inadequate drainage, and an outdated building may all add up to a bad situation. For individuals accustomed to bigger or more open areas, the garden-level home may appear gloomy, tiny, or even sad. A garden-level home can be just as comfortable and lovely as a St. Louis bungalow or midtown apartment with a little research of the surroundings – and an eye toward avoiding these impacts.

Consider the space’s underlying and structural features before purchasing. Damaged areas may be vulnerable to quick-fix solutions that leave the actual problems unaddressed, so search for not just evident water damage and foundation fractures, but also fresh plaster and drywall repairs that may be masking a larger problem. Examine the roadway, including drainage systems, gutters, and pavement quality, to see if flooding may be an issue.

Consider the living conditions on the inside. Architectural styles vary greatly and are highly subjective: The ultramodern, “industrial” aspect of one property may be ideal for your taste, while a more traditionally designed or refurbished flat – identical to those on the levels above – may be preferable. Of course, if you’re purchasing, you can easily fix these aesthetic issues if you’re ready to put in (or pay for) the work, but you must evaluate if you want to embark on such a lengthy and tedious endeavor.

Finally, consider the space’s immutable features: Windows let in natural light and plays an important role in creating the tone and separating your house from a dungeon. Ceiling height is rarely negotiable, yet it has a significant impact on the overall mood and flow. Another worry is the quantity of useable space, while there are many tools and suggestions on urban living that may help you make the most of these aspects of the equation.

What is the quality of life like?

Finally, garden level basements are not for everyone, and your most important choice should be your first: would you love living in this space? Is proximity to nightlife and entertainment worthwhile? Can you stand the constant foot traffic and the sounds of your neighbors? Being willing to deal with it isn’t enough. You must be drawn to the concept; after all, you will be living your life in that typically small, generally dimly lighted room. You may find yourself overwhelmed and confined if you don’t have a healthy appreciation for the hustle and vibrancy of metropolitan life, which will be taking place physically in your living room, no matter how much you like visualizing the situation in principle.

Once you’ve settled on a garden-level house, it’s time to emphasize the positive while removing as much of the negative as possible. Have a landline, as cell phone service is usually poor at garden levels. The insulating effects of your surroundings, on the other hand, mean that you’ll be warmer in winter and cooler in summer than your neighbors. Consider several methods to incorporate light and color. Get to know your neighbors since they’ll be a bigger part of your life than you think. Look for inventive design ideas on urban-living websites to make the most of your space, and use your outside access to bring as much of the outdoors inside as possible.

Interior design and space use are primarily concerned with making your home a place where you really want to spend time, which is especially crucial to consider in the case of a garden-level basement. Your house should be a haven that is as relaxing as it is intriguing. You’ve selected a certain type of adventure, but every journey carries the potential of burnout, so keep your personal comfort in mind.

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