Guest Room Makeover Ideas

Do you have an extra room that you want to convert for guests? Then, check out these guest room makeover ideas.

Paint the Walls

The first step in making over any room in your house is to paint the walls. A fresh coat of paint can liven up a room in a matter of minutes. You can go with any color in this room. We recommend staying with lighter colors to keep the atmosphere in the room uplifting. If you need even more inspiration, check out this list of 2022 colors from popular paint supply companies.

Install New Flooring

The second step you can do in remaking your guest room is to install new flooring. You want your guests to feel comfortable with every step they take. And since the room will have more than usual foot traffic, you also have to make sure they are durable. Luckily for you, Valor Home Services has a variety of styles, designs, textures and durability on our floors. For a better idea, head over to our flooring free resources to find all of our products.

Play Around With Lighting

Your guest room’s lighting will play an important part in the atmosphere in the room. If you have dark or dim lighting, it can be difficult for your guests to see. But at the same time, it can also set up a romantic or eerie feeling. Bright lights may disturb your guest’s eyes. We recommend playing around with the lighting in the room. The overall best lighting to have is natural lighting. If you do not have a window in the room, we recommend installing one.

Add the Essentials

Since it is a guest room, you want to make it as accommodating as possible. Essentials you should consider adding to the room are extra blankets/sheets, television, fan/heater and space to hang or fold clothes. If your guest room includes a bathroom, we recommend stocking up on extra towels, toiletries, hygiene items, toilet paper and a hairdryer.


Now the fun part — decorating. You can do any style or theme that you want in your guest bedroom. We have seen many homeowners stick to modern white rooms while others go with nautical or rustic vibes. Once you pick your design, head over to your local department store, supermarket or even thrift store. You can also find many great items online, like at Etsy or Amazon.

Are you ready to makeover your guest room? If so, do not do it alone. Our skilled team of experts at Valor Home Services has your back. We can help you plan, design and implement any remodeling project in your home. For more information, give us a call today.