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Handyman Secrets To Fix Caulking

Sooner or later, mold will show up on caulking in the bathroom. Getting rid of the gnarly caulking and getting new put in can completely refresh the space, so this handyman service is a popular go-to for homeowners.

Will you call a handyman like Valor Home Services, or can you DIY when it’s time to replace your bathroom caulking? That comes down to how much time you want have to spare, and whether the process looks like something you’re comfortable taking on.

At Valor, we’re all about better communication. It’s one of our brand promises, and we so firmly believe in it that we’re even going to lay out how recaulking like a pro is done so you can choose to DIY or give us a call.

Step 1: Buy high-quality caulk and a good caulk gun

It starts with the equipment and materials. If you go to the hardware store, you can get advice from the reps there, because you will want to ensure your caulk and caulk gun are both top-quality. You won’t save yourself any time or money if you try to do this with low-grade materials (only to have to call a professional later), so this step is crucial.

Pro tip: talk to the rep about the advantages of silicone vs. latex caulk, too, to be sure you get the product that will work best for you.

Step 2: Remove the old caulk

Applying new caulk to old caulk will not last. So dig all the old caulk out and be prepared to put some elbow grease into it if the old caulk was silicone-based, since that sticks more.

Once the caulk is gone, get rid of every last bit of grout that’s formed. Treat any mold you find with a mold-killing product, or it will just come back. Once you’ve cleaned everything, rinse with water one last time and let it dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Mask the gap

Masking the gap means using electrical or masking tape to form the rows you’ll be caulking in. The idea is that you’re essentially applying the two parallel strips across the length you’ll caulk so you can simply follow the line (and stay straight and even in its application).

Step 4: Apply the caulk bead

You can either apply the caulk with the nozzle inserted at a blunt 20-degree angle or a 45-degree angle. This means holding the gun at 90 degrees while pushing the first small bead ahead of the tip of the gun. Whatever angle you choose, complete the entire bead in one pass.

Step 5: Shape the bead and remove the tape

Once you’ve applied the caulk, you shape it. You can find caulk-shaping tools at the same store where you got your gun and other materials. Sometimes, if you “mask” the area well enough and apply with a steady hand, you won’t even need to shape the bead.

Once you’re satisfied with the look, you remove the tape.

If all that looks like a little more work than you anticipated, don’t worry—you can start a conversation with us right here on the chat window of our website. We can take care of any caulking or recaulking to get your bathroom looking fresh and new again.