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Hardwood Floor Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are here. And with them, there will be a lot more foot traffic in your home in coming months.

You can take a few easy precautions to protect your hardwood floors from all the hubbub this year—not only to improve longevity, but to keep them looking brag-worthy when guests show up.

I’ve listed 5 of my top tips that I share with clients in and around Belleville, O’Fallon, Shiloh and surrounding areas. Give these a try to protect your hardwood floors.

1. Remember routine maintenance

It’s simple: sweep regularly, then dust and mop 3-4 times a month leading up to that first holiday dinner. If you keep debris off your hardwood floors, that lowers the likelihood of scratching your floors with passing feet.

2. Clean up spills right away

This tip is especially important for homeowners nearby who have children or pets. Clean spills up as soon as they happen to prevent long-term damage to your hardwood.

3. Use rugs

Both rugs and mats are easy to put down to keep floors looking great, and can also “insulate” the look of your home in the cold months (adding a look of warmth). Put these down in high-traffic areas for the best results and include pads underneath so they don’t slide around.

4. Protect your floors from your furniture

Guests come over and furniture moves around. Attach felt pads to the legs of furniture to make sure no shifts in staging result in lasting memories in the form of scratches to your hardwood.

5. Watch out for other dangers

Trim pet nails. Enforce a “no shoes” policy for guests. Provide slippers if you really want to give guests a sense of being well cared for. Protecting hardwood floors, especially when the snow and ice come, is no joke.

Questions? Need more tips? Reach out to me today.