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The Common Misconceptions About Hardwood Flooring

While looking through different flooring options, you may have heard a lot of negative things about hardwood flooring. After hearing these things, it may deter you away from installing this flooring type, but we are here to end that stigma. Instead, we are here to debunk common misconceptions about hardwood flooring. 

High Maintenance

One of the reasons why many homeowners steer away from wood flooring is because many people claim that it is high maintenance. Well, we are glad to tell you that it is the complete opposite. Unlike carpet, cleaning hardwood is very simple. All you need to do is sweep, vacuum or dust mop. You do not want to use a regular mop because an excessive amount of water can damage your wood. Flooring like carpet traps dust, fur, dirt and other bacteria, which can cause allergies. Plus, have you ever had to remove a stain from carpet? If so, you probably know how difficult it truly can be. 

Scratch Easily

Just because hardwood floors do scratch does not mean all wood floors scratch easily. If you want long-lasting floors, then you need to follow the Janka Hardness Test. The Janka Hardness Test measures how well a specific species of wood can resist scratches, dents and stains. Many flooring experts recommend oak flooring because it has high Janka ratings. However, you must know that over time all flooring, including tile and carpet, does deal with wear and tear. Wood flooring is one of the longest-lasting floors if taken care of properly. If you want advice on how to care for your hardwood, please do not hesitate to call. We can go over the best cleaning and care tips. 

Doesn’t Belong in the Kitchen or Bathroom

When it comes to any flooring, there are no rules on where you can place them. It is your house, so it is your choice. Therefore, you can install hardwood flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. However, you do need to know that wood flooring is not waterproof. If your kitchen or bathroom floods, you will need to replace the hardwood. If you want to protect that area, there is waterproof flooring that looks like wood. Since they are waterproof, you can dry and reuse them if your home floods. 

Pets Will Ruin Them

While pets can leave some scratches and stains, that does not mean your animals will ruin hardwood flooring. Wood flooring is extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, whether it is coming from a two-legged or four-legged being. If your pets damaging your hardwood floors is a concern, a home service company can help repair any damage and refresh them with refinishing and stain. If you do go with a refinish, make sure to pick a matte finish. This type will hide any noticeable or large scratches. 


Even though hardwood flooring is expensive in the initial installation, it can last hundreds of years if taken care of properly. We cannot say that about the other flooring options out on the market. Therefore, you will not have to replace them as soon as the others. And if you do come across any issues like stains or scratches, you can just refinish your floors instead of replacing them. 

Refinishing is Easy to DIY

We live in a time where many homeowners like to do things themselves. And, we think that is great. The more you know how to care for your house, the better. However, if you have never dealt with stain or refinishing, we do advise you to contact a professional company. On the outside, hardwood floor refinishing looks simple to do, but once you actually start, it is a whole other story. We have witnessed more horror stories from DIY refinishing over success stories. To save yourself time and money, work with a professional hardwood refinisher. 

We hope you learned something new and lost those myths about hardwood floors. And if you want to install these floors, give Valor Home Services a call today.