8 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas

Christmas will be here before you know it, but there is no need to panic. Here are 8 ways to get your home ready for the holiday. 

It made sense to say you’d host Christmas Eve, the White Elephant party and Thanksgiving dinner back in June. You’re out of time, and it seems like you’re busier than ever. You don’t know how you’re going to manage it while your home is a complete disaster. When fear sets in, you think of skipping two days of work to do everything. Hold on, and reserve that vacation time for rest and self-care. Here are the eight top recommendations from professionals to help you be proactive this season, from decluttering to making critical repairs.

Do these 8 things.


Start by quickly organizing everything in the house to put away stray items lying around. Even if your home is clean, extra clutter will make it appear unkempt. Take a few storage bins and go through your house to remove any ornamental or pointless items that can be stored for the season. If there are things you haven’t used in a year, get rid of them, sell them or donate them in the spirit of the season. To have enough space for Christmas decorations, try to keep your flat surfaces as uncluttered as possible. Additionally, you’ll need space for all of those delectable holiday appetizers and alcoholic beverages. Containers are used to store and protect excess objects. Until it’s time to put the bins back out, keep them out of the way in the garage or shed.

Straighten up the bedrooms

Your bedrooms shouldn’t require much maintenance unless you intend to have overnight guests. The most they ought to be utilized for are restroom pass-throughs or extra space for stowing jackets and purses. Ensure that all of your clothing and shoes are stored and that the dresser drawers and closet doors can close all the way. They only need to be able to close; they don’t need to be tidy and ideal. Clear any flat surfaces of visual clutter. Even if you typically keep something in your bedroom year-round, try to stow it away for the holidays in a nightstand or closet. Everything should be dusted, including lamps and lighting fixtures. Spot-clean all glass, mirrors and windows. Blinds and curtains should be dusted and spot cleaned. Pillows should be fluffed and the bed made. Clean up your floors, then move on.

Repair necessary things

While you may be able to live through your wobbly deck or loose door frame, your family and friends may not be able to. And with safety as your main concern, you want to make sure that you complete all the necessary repairs before everyone starts pulling up in your driveway. Pull out your to-do list and let Valor Home Services help you check it off. Our skilled team of experts can help you knock out the list before your big Christmas celebration. Call our team today to get your appointment booked. 

Focus on the front entrance

Keep in mind that your foyer will be the first thing visitors will notice, so it could be a good idea to tidy up a bit. Design a “home” for your jackets and shoes, and think about setting up a “drying station” for your wet clothing and boots, especially if you live in a region with a lot of snow. Build your own drying rack. Let the boots trickle into a plastic pan that has been filled with rocks or pebbles. Put newspaper inside your boots to absorb any moisture that may have gotten inside of them. The world beyond your house matters, too. Make sure your driveway and walkway are free of ice and snow if you live in a chilly area. Before your guests arrive, you might want to evaluate this more than once. Coffee grounds, sand or birdseed are useful eco-friendly hacks for this because they break down the ice without harming the environment.

Deep clean

We are all familiar with how to vacuum, dust and clean surfaces. How comprehensive is our work, though? There are excellent and poor ways to vacuum. This holiday season, a tried-and-true method to thoroughly clean carpets is to vacuum in a zigzag pattern. The twisted loops of carpet fibers attract dirt from all directions, thus vacuuming in only one direction will only partially clean the surface. When using a traditional or cordless vacuum to thoroughly clean carpets, move the vacuum across the room in one direction, making zigzag patterns, and then repeat the operation from a right angle. By avoiding the same areas repeatedly, this method gets the best results while saving you time. Not only is this arguably a more efficient way to vacuum, but because it cleans deeper and more thoroughly, it may also help lessen allergy symptoms.

Update the guest room

This Christmas season, if you want to host visitors, you should make sure they have a pleasant place to stay. Consider putting together a “essentials” basket with things like toothbrushes, lotion, mouthwash and other necessary goods in addition to the surface-level cleaning, making the bed, and organizing. Additionally, you should thoroughly clean the bathroom, which is the most crucial area. Clean, residue-free wiping should be done on all surfaces. Of course, the bathroom and shower are the most crucial for creating a “hotel” atmosphere.

Freshen up the dining room

You should be fairly thorough in this space because it will be one of your workhorses. Every light fixture and flat surface should be dusted. Clean the sideboards, hutches, chairs and tables. Any china, glass, flatware, or serving utensils that have been put away but will probably be used over the holiday season should be washed. Clean up the flooring.

Do quick updates over remodeling

Do you have a kitchen or bathroom that needs a quick spruce? While your first reaction is to book a full remodel, maybe you don’t need to. Do you just want to update the cabinets, appliances, island and lighting without switching the layout of your kitchen? If so, this is an easy project to get done before Christmas, as long as you go through Valor Home Services. Plus, make the process go by even faster by having all the materials already picked out and ordered. Call today to learn more information. 

Put on some festive music, unwind, and take it all in if you still have any energy. You cleaned the high-use rooms thoroughly, decluttered the low-use ones, tidied them up, decorated them, and created the right atmosphere. You’ve finished preparing your house for the holidays. Congratulations. Now you may be sure you’re prcanred for them when the unexpected visitor knocks on the door or the first party guest rings the doorbell. Did you notice any issues after the festivities? Or are you ready to remodel or update multiple rooms in your home? Valor Home Services is happy to help! We can book you for a 2023 remodel! For more information, give us a call today