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Home Health Handyman Checklist

So, you have plans to get healthy. You have goals and ideas.

What’s the next big life event coming up for you? A baby being born? Getting married? An adult kid moving out? How will those events impact your plans to achieve greater health?

For the sake of your health and lifestyle no matter your chapter of your life, have you checked that your home is ready to support you in all your plans?

Valor Home Services talks a lot about “exceptional quality,” because it’s one of our brand promises. We stand behind our craftsmanship for three years for all our O’Fallon and neighboring area projects.

If you’re looking for exceptional quality in delivering your promises to yourself, do what we do: position the resources you need within reach so you can make your goals a reality.

Health and home maintenance

So, back to home health. Home maintenance is a key to a healthy and safe environment. If you’re trying to eat better, why wouldn’t you also think about indoor air quality, or electrical safety, or even the layout of your kitchen and how it impacts how you cook and eat?

When a house is kept in good repair, it’s also less like to develop problems that turn into unhealthy environments that are sometimes so pervasive that you only realize they’re a problem when something goes wrong. With your home maintenance focused on your health, specifically, you can:

  • Avoid poor air quality in the form of mold, VOCs and allergens
  • Stop drafts from affecting your home environment
  • Stop disease-carrying rodents and invasive insects
  • Protect your household from radon and other gases

Your health and lifestyle goals require the home condition to support them. Hopefully this resonates with you. If it does, here is a simple, six-step checklist you can take around your home to make notes on what you find.

  1. Look at the siding around your lower levels, under windows and around your chimney. Take notes on what you see.
  2. Are there sagging or cracked stoops, steps, or foundation? Any erosion?
  3. Windows without overhangs or without storms or gutter protection are considered “high-stress windows.” What condition are those in around the exterior of your home?
  4. Inside, do you have any floors that are soft or unstable, or discolored, especially near exterior-facing doors or in bathrooms? Any cracking kitchen tiles?
  5. Do you have any cracks in walls inside, especially around window and door corners?
  6. Does your ductwork sweat?

Use all your senses to observe and take notes. Anything that changes drastically in texture or color is a warning sign that something’s up. Do you see any ants or other bugs? Does the floor squeak? Smell for odors and touch surfaces for dampness.

With your notes, you’re officially empowered. The next step is to call Valor Home Services or your preferred handyman or home maintenance professional. Ask the right questions to find the professional who can support your goals.

See something specific you want to ask about? Start a conversation with us right here on the website in the chat window on the right-hand corner of the page!