6 Phone Apps – Helpers in Home Improvement Process

With just a few clicks, you can improve your home with these 6 phone apps.

Apps for home improvement can be really helpful while you’re organizing, developing and carrying out a new remodeling job. The top apps offer helpful tips and user-friendly tools that will make your home improvement ideas a reality, plus they’re less expensive than hiring a design expert. We divided up our top design apps according to what they excel at, from drawing out floor plans to matching paint colors, because house renovations fall under many different categories. To find out which home improvement software is best for your particular project, read our guide.

Get your phone ready to download these apps!


For interior design nerds, Houzz offers an all-in-one experience. You can browse for furniture and supplies, see how goods will appear in your house, hire professionals to assist you with various stages of your remodeling project and gain ideas from other creatives. Houzz’s biggest weapon is it’s 3D “View in My Room” function, which allows you to digitally decorate a space with millions of name-brand and boutique products available on the app. Once you’ve discovered pieces you like, you can purchase them directly from Houzz. What’s fascinating is that these things aren’t limited to sofas, lamps and rugs (though those are available). When you look around, you’ll find vanities, cabinets, backsplash tiles and much more. If you need to hire a home renovation professional, Houzz is a wonderful place to start. The organization offers a large network of contractors, ranging from architects and interior designers to landscapers and swimming pool builders, who can assist you in completing your project. Search by zip code within the app, or fill out a brief questionnaire to obtain recommendations from the Houzz team.

Home Design 3D

Look no further than Home Design 3D for an all-inclusive method of home planning and design. With its user-friendly interface, this interior design tool lets you see and sketch floor plans, furnish and decorate them, explore your creation in 3D and share, import and export your creations. Users of Home Design 3D can smoothly transition between 2D and 3D to view changes as they are being made. Even better, the app has a night mode that lets you see how your patterns will appear at night. Users can add furniture, decorations, paint colors and flooring to the indoor and outdoor locations they build, in addition to several building tools.

Home Design 3D was once only compatible with iOS devices, but it is now also supported by Android, PC and Mac platforms. The community gallery, where any user can share pictures of the projects they’re working on, is simple to peruse in the most recent version of the program. Although the program has a free version, it has few functionality. Projects cannot be exported or saved by users, and there are only 200 products in the product library. The best experiences are offered by the full edition, which costs $9.99 and includes 2033+ decor elements, the option to save your creation, and support for augmented reality on iOS devices.


This home renovation tool is unmatched for planning and organizing DIY projects. Handymobi, developed by the Curbed team, facilitates user organization and sharing of DIY projects and ideas. Choose from a variety of digital tools available within the program, such as a level tool, calculator, and unit converter. Using Handymobi puts you in direct contact with a community of do-it-yourself enthusiasts who can assist you with project planning, budgeting, and construction. This home repair tool will undoubtedly make your project more doable, regardless of whether you’re an experienced pro or fresh to the DIY scene.


You can start a renovation project from scratch, work from a template or utilize a snapshot of your existing space to create a floor plan in the Homestyler app. The free version includes an infinite number of 1K 3D renderings as well as a VR component that allows you to virtually tour your design as you make changes. Upgrade to a premium plan (beginning at roughly $4.90 per month) for higher quality renderings, or buy 4K, 12K, 720P and 1080P renders as needed. Homestyler’s free version gives you access to 100,000+ models and materials to design your area in addition to the cloud-based 3D floor planner. Structure-related elements like sliding doors and bay windows, as well as furnishings and lighting fixtures, are all available on the drag-and-drop menu.

During the design process, users can switch between 2D and 3D to make sure their actions on the page are in line with their intentions. Homestyler’s focus on common homeowners is another factor that contributed to its inclusion on the list. You don’t need to be a qualified designer to find the app useful, regardless of whether you have a concept in your brain that you want to discuss with a professional or you’re determined to take on the remodeling project alone. In addition, the business offers a ton of tutorials on its website for anyone with internet access to view.


One of your biggest assets is your house, thus managing it requires a lot of effort. With the aid of the home management tool HomeZada, you can plan everything from repairs to insurance claims. A 3-year home value projection, a library of home asset inventories, a calendar for house maintenance and a tracker for home renovation projects are just a few features. This app takes a holistic approach to home design, taking into account logistics, finances and aesthetics.


The “View in Room” 3D tool from Wayfair uses your camera to record a video so you can preview how an item will appear in various rooms. The product, whether it be a sofa or a plant, may be moved and adjusted to fit your area once you’ve chosen a place. We like how much of the guesswork involved in internet shopping is eliminated by this excellent function. Even though not every product on Wayfair’s app is compatible with the feature, you may explicitly search for furniture and home accessories that do by using the “3D Images Only” option when browsing inside a product category. Once an item is put in your room, its measurements and a “add to cart” button will appear. Of course, the app also allows you to create a wedding registry, receive sales alerts and track Wayfair deliveries. According to user reviews, the majority of customers believe Wayfair is the retailer to consider if you’re renovating.

You can get assistance from specialized applications at various points, from providing suggestions to assisting you with the smart TV system. The top home improvement app won’t necessarily make you a design expert, but it’s still worth a shot. For you to assess the capabilities, the majority of these solutions offer free trials or free versions. Certain home renovation tasks simply cannot be DIYed. We can assist you whether you need a new door, energy-efficient improvements, a new bathroom or deck repairs. Request a quote from Valor Home Services online.