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Home Organization Tips You Need to Try

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned. -Benjamin Franklin

Have you ever found yourself spending hours looking for a specific item? You search up and down, behind furniture and under papers, but you still can’t find it. Don’t be feel ashamed because this happens to a lot of homeowners. Top-notch organization takes years to master and involves a lot of reminding and adjusting. You don’t need to be a master organizer right away, but we did find some easy yet helpful home organization tips you need to try. 

Invest in Storage

One of the best ways to stay organized is to invest in storage options. Storage options encompass plastic containers, hanging organizers, glass or ceramic kitchen containers, cloth cubbies and more. Big plastic containers are great to store holiday or event decorations while hanging organizations work great in small closets to hold shoes, socks and other clothing items. Small containers or cubbies are perfect to store away small items and trinkets you don’t want others to see. Many stores have many options to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about not matching your house aesthetic. 

Declutter & Deep Clean 

While keeping your home organized, you will go through many phases of decluttering and deep cleaning. Many cleaning and organization specialists recommend you to declutter your home once per season. Decluttering involves getting rid of items you haven’t used in more than six months to a year. When we say get rid of the items, we mean to donate or recycle. You should deep clean your home a few times a month if not once a week. Deep cleaning not only encompasses scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming but disinfecting as well. For floors that have deep stains, scratches or scuffs, we have a team of professionals who can do carpet cleaning and hardwood floor refinishing

Include Drawer, Cabinets & Closet Organizers

Utilize the space in smaller areas like drawers, cabinets and closets with organizers. Since we place small items and trinkets into drawers, having a drawer organizer will make it easy for you to see everything. Cabinets need organizers like additional shelves, especially if you have a small kitchen or storage closets. Closet organizers help out homes that have small closets. Once you organize your drawers, cabinets and closets, you will be able to find every quickly.

Practice File Folding

Have you ever opened a drawer to look for a specific clothing item or linen, and instead of finding the item, you find yourself digging and digging until (hopefully) you find what you need? Easily see cloth items in drawers by file folding. File folding is where you fold your clothing and towels upright, so you can easily see and grab them whenever you need them. Take it to the next level by color-coding the items as well. 

Color-Code Items

Make searching for items quick and easy by color-coding your belongings. Color-coding is where you group items of the same or similar color together. You can color-code your closet, important paperwork, folders, shoes, food, and more. An easy tip to follow when it comes to color-coding is to either follow the rainbow or go from lightest to darkest.

An organized home is easy to achieve if you follow these suggestions. And, if you live in the Belleville, Edwardsville, O’Fallon or the surrounding areas and need some home repairs, contact Valor Home Services today.