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How Do You Pair Carpet And Wall Colors?

When you think about painting your walls, do you take the existing floor color into account? Maybe some of you said, “Yes, of course,” but I know from experience there are plenty of homeowners who don’t think of this.

Flooring types like hardwood tend to play attractively off any color you put on the walls, but with some of the brilliant carpet colors out there today, there can be some major clashes if you’re not careful.

Carpet and wall colors together set the overall mood of a room or space. You’ve probably heard about how these colors are associated with emotions. How about color combinations (or “themes”) where the carpet and wall play one off the other?

Here are a few tips to play with in your home when it’s time to update the carpet or the walls this fall or winter:

  • Try the “rule of three:” In interior design, this says that using “harmonious colors” in a room is one of the biggest things that bring a space together. You can use three shades of the same color on three of the largest objects in the room, for example the walls, curtains and carpet.
  • Stay neutral. If you choose neutral-colored carpets, this will give you more design liberties as you paint and repaint the walls over time. Neutral colors include beige, cream and gray. The nice thing about carpets is that there are many shades of each of these, so you won’t even feel limited.
  • Consult the color wheel. If you really want to see some inspired options, check out a color wheel to eyeball color combinations and how they play off one another. Tip: the colors that are opposite each other on the wheel are considered “complementary colors.”

There’s so much beautiful architecture here in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Shiloh and surrounding towns that it’s refreshing to see more homeowners considering how their homes can feel, function, and look the best for their families and lifestyles.

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