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How Easy is Your Carpet to Keep Clean?

Life is messy. And with a world full of active family members—especially children and pets—spills and accidents demand a carpet that can keep up with the chaos.

You and your household invest precious time and money into the “perfect shade” to match your home aesthetics, only to have the whirlwind of life come in and age your carpets rapidly! That’s where we believe Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever Fresh Carpet comes in to save the day.

Mohawk’s premium products utilize fresh carpet technology that keeps the dirt and grime from staining floors while neutralizing everyday odors.

But, what exactly is fresh carpet technology?

Let’s visit the science of carpet odor control.

Your carpet is made up of fibrous material that keeps the carpet feeling comfortable but is cursed by soaking up odors and dirt tracked in. Every mud puddle you step in or grassy stretch your guests trek through is carried into your home, leaving your carpet to take the brunt of it.

One of the most concerning aspects of harm to your carpet flooring is that, oftentimes, people can be unaware of the dirt and odors. And over time, your senses grow accustomed to the smell from pets and spills…but new guests are not equipped with that luxury.

Today, these odors and dirt can be combated with regular carpet cleanings…but Mohawk Flooring said there was a more efficient way.

Mohawk is paving the way with their innovative fresh carpet technology with odor neutralizing and purifying materials that guarantee your carpet starts and stays clean.

That’s right, they guarantee your peace of mind with an everfresh and super-clean living space.

The science

Mohawk’s SmartStrand Forever carpets are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials and premium ultrasoft PET fiber.

That means extra soft, extra stain resistant and an extra level of satisfaction from using materials that help save the planet.

Using their patented Continuum process, Mohawk has established a cleaner manufacturing process and eternally-fresh carpet product, resulting in a cleaner home and planet at the same time. Mohawk’s clever manufacturing is also able to remove 95% of the excess oily lubricants that other carpet manufacturers miss. These excess lubricants cause extra wear and tear in your carpet, which is just another thing you don’t need to worry about with SmartStrand Forever Fresh.

This is just a quick look at why we install mohawk Forever Fresh carpeting for our clients.

We understand that with odors comes stains and spills, too. To combat that eye-sore look and the expensive removal of carpet stains, Mohawk even included a 3M Scotchgard™ Protector that resists liquid spills and stains.

If it sounds too good to be true, have us come in to install Forever Fresh, and you’ll see how right we are.


Life is busy, and your household is even busier. You deserve a carpet that you can rely on, not one that relies on your constant care.

Mohawk Carpet’s SmartStrand Forever Fresh line truly offers it all with long-lasting products, innovative fresh carpet technology (something you’ll wish you learned about years ago), and products created for the good of the world.

For more information on how to get started with your own dream carpet, give us a call or shoot us a message so we can answer your questions. Carpet that starts and stays clean is just a click away.