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How Hardwood Floors Are Prepared for Refinishing

Part of completing all our Belleville-area projects on budget means giving you all the information you need before a project ever gets started.

For example, did you know that there’s some basic prep that needs to be done for hardwood floors before a refinishing job ever gets to sanding?

I’m here today to make sure you know how hardwood floors are prepared for the sanding you previously thought of as “step one.” And don’t worry, this is mostly work we do for you when you have Valor Home Services do your refinishing—we just believe a little extra information never hurts. So, here’s a good look at what we do.

First and only prep step for you, the homeowner

Before even the sanding starts, everything needs to be removed from the rooms we’ll be refinishing. If there are any areas of the floor that you have questions about, let us know so we can answer them.

Be sure to give your floor one final clean by sweeping and removing any loose debris.

Our prep steps for before your hardwood floor refinish

  1. After coming in and setting up protection for your home (and maximizing ventilation to keep sanding dust under control), we start by examining your wood floor down to the last detail including setting nails that may be exposed. This is also the time to have any unsightly or damaged boards replaced.
  2. Next, we will determine the wear layer is sufficient for sanding and check for flatness. Be aware that the wear layer on some engineered wood flooring may not be as deep as the tongue. Generally, if the wear thickness is less than 3/32”, the floor should not be sanded.
  3. And finally, we will remove the base shoe, quarter round or baseboards as needed.
    From there, it’s time to sand.

As you can see, there’s plenty of work that goes into a hardwood floor refinish before the sanding ever even starts.

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