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How Important Is Sand Paper Type In Hardwood Floor Repairs?

Exceptional craftsmanship is something that requires exceptional, expert knowledge. And details like the level of abrasiveness of sand paper are make-or-break specifics when it comes to refinishing your hardwood floor.

At Valor Home Services, exceptional craftsmanship is one of our brand promises, but not just because we deliver it. We also stand for raising the bar of industry standards as a whole. Use this article whether you’re going to another flooring contractor or repairing your wood floors yourself. Our goal is that you have the best and most specific information to treat your hardwood floors the best they can be treated, even when repairs are needed after a would-be perfect refinishing job.

What kind of hardwood floor repairs are we talking about?

Every hardwood flooring contractor has come across this situation before. After the finishing the sanding, staining, and finishing of a wood floor, everything is perfect.

But then, the homeowners call a week after the job is done. That perfect wood floor refinishing job was scratched or damaged by a piece of furniture or a spill.

This can be disheartening for hardwood professionals who are real fans of wood flooring—not to mention proud of their work. They don’t feel bad about going out to the home again, because that’s no big deal. We’re born to serve. The real concern is about the trouble of repairing that small area of the floor and ensuring it blends in with the rest.

That is no small feat.

The one thing people usually overlook

People—homeowners and floor refinishers alike—often overlook one factor. It’s not just about blending the repaired patch of floor in with the color and finish. It’s also about matching the floor texture.

If the repaired patch is smoother, it’ll stand out. Or if its grain is showing through more, that will stand out, too.

What a seasons professional knows to do

An expert hardwood flooring repair professional will know that over-sanding the damaged patch of floor can cause a depression in the floor’s surface. The best sanding for these repairs is the most minimal amount of sanding.

Here are the types of abrasive sand paper products that a pro might use:

  • Silicon carbide grains
  • Zirconia grains
  • Ceramic grains
  • Aluminum oxide grains
  • Plus unique shapes and sizes of each

Another thing a pro will consider is machine sanding versus hand sanding. This will depend on the repair.

No two floors or finishes are the same, nor are any two repairs. Your hardwood repair process will always start with a consultation with a professional. For hardwood floor refinishing or repairs in O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh, Edwardsville, Collinsville, Caseyville, Glen Carbon, contact Valor Home Services on the website today.