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How Long Does Flooring Installation Take?

Whenever you book a flooring installation project, the first thought you may run across is ‘how long does it take?’. Even though many factors affect the estimated time, we have this guide to help you better understand.

Flooring Type

The time it takes to install flooring greatly depends on the type of floors you purchase. Whether you are going with carpet, hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl, tile or waterproof flooring, each one has specific installation times. Flooring that comes in planks like hardwood, laminate, waterproof and luxury vinyl need two to three days to acclimate to the environment, and then, an additional few days for the installation process. Carpet takes about one to two days to install. And, ceramic tile takes about one day.

The Space Size

Space plays a huge role in the installation time as well. The bigger the area is, the more time it will take to install. If you are doing small to medium-sized rooms, you can knock out the installation in a day or two. But if you are doing larger rooms, expect it to be at least three days. If you are replacing all the floors in your home, you can expect the installation process to take two weeks.

Before & After Installation

Before you start installing your new floors, there are a few things you must do. As we mentioned above, flooring planks need to adjust to your environment. Lay all the pieces out about two or three days before you start installing. If you install right away, your boards may swell or contract. During this acclimation time, we also suggest getting your existing floors ready. So, remove old flooring, dispose of debris, even out uneven surface areas, repair damages on the subfloor and get your supplies ready.

Once the three days are up, you can start installing the floors. After installation, you will want to avoid stepping on the area for about 24 hours so everything can properly settle. You can add furniture back into the space about 48 hours after installation.

While installing floors can be a long process, the outcome is amazing. If you need help picking, preparing, installing and caring for your floors, then you are in the right place. We are the experts in every flooring for over 25 years. For more information, check out our flooring product catalogs or give us a call today.