How Long Will the Job Take You to Complete?

We see more and more homeowners wondering, ‘how long will the job take to complete?’ And honestly, there is no set time limit on a project. While some jobs only take a few hours, other jobs can take weeks. There are many factors you have to consider to understand the time it takes to finish a job. To help you better understand, we created this easy-to-follow guide.

What is the average completion time?

The process of completing a job has multiple steps. The first part you have to get through is consultations and scheduling. Most of the time, we can get your consultations and scheduling done within a week. However, depending on the size of the project, it can take longer if we are booked or need specific supplies and equipment. The job itself usually takes one to three days to complete. We suggest leaving some wiggle room if there are any surprises or changes. Then, the wrapping up and final inspections take less than a day. However, these times can change depending on the type of project you have, its size and the team you hire.

What type of project you have?

The type of project you have plays a role in the time it is going to take to complete it. If your project doesn’t involve heavy equipment, electricity, plumbing and other long tasks, it can get done on the same day. If your project involves multiple moving parts, you are looking at three days or more. Remodels or renovations can take even longer. For example, a kitchen or bathroom full remodel can take two weeks or more to finish. Always talk to your contractor to get a scope of what they think it will take them to complete.

How big of a project is it?

Just like type, the size of the project helps determine its duration as well. The bigger the project is, the longer it can take. For example, if you are redoing the floors in all the rooms in your home, it will take a lot longer compared to only doing one or two rooms. As mentioned above, full renovations or remodels also take a lot longer to complete because there are more steps and tasks to get done.

What is the team like?

The team you work with will also decipher the project time. If you have skilled and experienced contractors helping you, some projects will flow more smoothly. If these skilled contractors also provide quality work, it may increase the time as well. Another thing to note is that the time varies depending on how the contractor or company allocates its work. For example, some companies have set prices with time while others just charge by the hour and play it by ear for the length estimation. As a word of advice, we recommend sticking with a team that gives you a set price and time.

At Valor Home Services, we typically take one to three days to finish most small to medium-sized projects. Larger projects are more than three days, depending on what you want and what needs to be done. The great thing about our team at Valor Home Services is that we communicate the entire time. We first will give you a time estimation on a project. Then, throughout the job, we will let you know how it is going. Then if we need extra time because things are running behind, we will let you know right away and try to accommodate your needs. If you like what you hear, then give us a call today to book an appointment.