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How Much Does Door Installation Cost?

Uncertain of the cost but considering a new door? The average cost of installing a door is $1,024, with expenditures ranging from $473 to $1,641. But are there additional costs?

There is a world of opportunity—and a price tag—behind every door. The average cost of installing a door is $1,052. However, this cost can vary from $473 to $1,649 depending on the style, material, framing and other factors you choose. It requires some skill to stay within your door installation budget because expenses can quickly increase if you spend more on customizations and high-end finishes like smart locks and glasswork. So what is the price of a door? Continue reading to get all of the information you need.

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The Average

The price of installing a door depends on numerous factors. Due to factors including door type, size, material, the necessity for door replacement and frame, labor costs, supplies, hardware and location, prices may vary from the national average. If the frame needs to be changed, the cost of an inside door may be as high as $1,125. Between $525 and $1,700 might be spent on an exterior door, and some installations can run as high as $6,500. Installing outdoor doors will cost more than installing an inside door because outside doors need to look beautiful in addition to being weatherproof and durable. Additionally, specific construction elements are required for exterior doors — load-bearing headers and flashing — to stop water leaks. The total cost of installation will rise as a result of these additional components.

Door Size, Type & Material

It should be simple to obtain a new door if the one that has to be replaced is a typical size of 30, 32 or 36 inches wide by 80 inches tall by 134 inches thick. A door and frame manufactured to order are necessary for every other size. Due to their complexity and longer installation times, custom doors and frames cost more to produce and require more labor to install. The cost of installation may also depend on the type of door. Bifold doors range in price from $150 to $500 to entry doors with sidelights that can cost up to $6,500 or more, depending on the style and material you select.

The element that often has the biggest impact on price is the door material. Remember that there are numerous styles available for each door material. The most popular door materials and their typical costs are listed below.

  • Wood: Wood doors come in a variety of designs and range in price from $200 to $5,000. The vast price range is influenced by the door’s style, whether it includes windows, whether it is a single or double door and whether it has additional features such as inside mini blinds. Even while a basic wood door may be purchased for as cheap as $40, it won’t be particularly durable.
  • Fiberglass: Although the typical cost is between $250 and $2,000, fiberglass doors can run from $150 to $5,000.
  • Steel: Although the overall cost of installation varies from $500 to $1,230, a steel door normally costs between $100 and $1,000. This resilient, long-lasting solution can withstand any weather condition. This material is preferred by certain homeowners when installing security doors.
  • Aluminum: Both internal and external doors are made of aluminum. An aluminum door should cost between $100 and $2,000 in total.
  • Wrought Iron: Costs for these premium doors range from $1,500 to $7,000.
  • Wood composite: A composite wood door typically costs between $40 and $500, making it the most affordable option on this list. These doors are constructed from pieces of wood that have been glued, pressed and heated together.

Door Replacement & Framing

It can take longer and require more work to replace an existing door than to build something new. When compared to replacing both the door and the frame, replacing a door within an existing frame can be less expensive and time-consuming. These doors are normally 1.25 inches thick and come in standard sizes of 30, 32 or 36 inches wide by 80 inches high. It can take one to three hours to build an internal door frame, and it typically costs between $50 and $70. In general, exterior frames are more expensive than interior ones. However, if the project calls for a unique door size or a new frame, a contractor should almost always handle it.

Labor, Supplies & Hardware

The cost of labor to install a door normally ranges from $40 to $90 per hour or more, with a trained and licensed contractor charging an average of close to $70 per hour. A handyman typically bills less, at $30 to $40 per hour. Typically, all the supplies and materials required for installing the door must be purchased by the homeowner. Hinge, screws, hardware, threshold, jambs, locks and doorknobs are a few examples. If you question them about where to get these things, a lot of contractors will give you their opinions and suggestions. Sometimes hinges are included with pre-hung doors, but you’ll still need to acquire the rest of the hardware.

Each hinge might cost anywhere from $2.50 to $30. While heavier doors may need three hinges, lighter doors may only need two. Depending on the kind, locks and doorknobs can cost as little as $10 or as much as $300. Keyed knobs can cost up to $30 and are frequently sold in sets. Interior handles without locks cost $10 to $30, while more expensive solutions such as digital access codes and smart locks can cost $300 or more. Doorjambs should cost between $150 and $250, materials and labor included.

Knobs, strike plates and locks can cost a lot of money and are frequently sold as sets. Simple externally keyed knobs can be purchased for as little as $30, and interior knobs, particularly those without locks, cost even less: $10–$30. Smart locks and electric-coded outside entry kits can cost more than $300. Sometimes offered separately from knobs, deadbolts for outside doors range in price from $15 to $300. The cost of door insulation for outside doors, which ranges from $5 to $25, should also be taken into account if you want to keep the elements out and increase your home’s energy efficiency. Systems for doorbells can cost between $30 and $350.


If you plan on adding a door a changing the location of your current door, there will be additional costs you need to add to your budget. The first step in this process is drywall. Plan on spending extra money for new drywall and potentially for plumbing and electrical work if you wish to put a door in a different location. Closing the space left by the previous door when a door is moved adds extra expenditure. On average, this can cost $1,800.

Additional Considerations

It’s useful to be aware of any additional cost elements and project considerations when planning a budget for door installation expenses. These might involve wall changes, hollow vs. solid core doors and door personalization. The price of installing a door might quickly increase if you choose custom or expensive options. With so many options, the cost of an installation project can vary significantly. Due to the level of experience required to properly install smart locks, wrought iron accents or sidelights on your entryway, labor prices will be higher.

Installing a solid core door over a hollow core door should cost $50 to $200 or more. The labor charges for both are similar and range from $100 to $300 per door. New drywall, electrical and occasionally plumbing modifications are frequently necessary when installing a door in a new position. Without factoring in materials, the cost of cutting a door into a brick can range from $300 to $2,200. It will cost significantly more if you want a custom or double door.

Door Type Installation Costs

When selecting the type of door to install, take into account prospective repairs, maintenance needs and how it will blend in with your home’s overall style.

  • French Doors: The price to install French doors can range from $600 to $5,800. A French door with full-length glass panes is referred to as a French door. These doors are frequently employed as patio or inside doors.
  • Double Doors: Double door installation might cost anywhere between $750 and $5,000. The price is typically determined by the material and the style of the door, though placing double doors on a load-bearing wall may raise installation time and labor expenses.
  • Single Entry Door: Installing a single-entry fiberglass door might cost anything from $250 to $2,000. Since a single door requires less room and is less expensive than a double door, many homeowners prefer them.
  • Entry Door with Sidelights: Costs for entry doors with sidelight windows might reach $6,500. The typical cost of installing a door can increase by two or three times with sidelights. If you’re interested in adding a transom window that extends above the door, be prepared to pay three times as much.
  • Patio Door: The cost of installing a patio door can range from $1,200 to $10,000, with a $2,500 national average. Costs for sliding glass patio doors range from $1,050 to $3,250.
  • Bifold Door: A bifold door can cost between $150 and $500 and is frequently installed in closets and storage areas.
  • Fire-Rated Door: A fire-rated door can have a fire-resistance rating of 45 minutes to 3 hours. Use of these doors between a living space and a garage is necessary. An average fire-rated door installation costs between $400 and $1,300.
  • Basement Door: A bilco or bulkhead door installation for a cellar or basement can run anywhere from $1,100 to $6,000 or more. Installation of these doors must be done carefully to prevent leaks and water damage to the basement.

Do It Yourself vs Contractor

Because you are simply changing the door and not the frame or jamb, replacing an old door with a new one is the ideal DIY project. The only things you’ll need to buy are the door and installation supplies because you probably already have all the other equipment (like hinges, knobs and jambs). If you pick a cheap door, this could run you less than $100; just make sure it fits the frame properly to prevent sticking or letting air and moisture in or out. Sadly, installing doors isn’t always the best do-it-yourself project. You must begin cutting into the wall if the desired door cannot fit in the current door frame. Even though you will likely need to install some drywall, installing an external door might be challenging, especially if the wall it is on is a load-bearing wall. It’s better to work with a nearby door installer because you’ll typically need a permit.

You should budget between $40 and $90 per hour for labor when hiring a contractor. Labor costs may make up more than half of the total cost of the project, depending on the type of door. In either case, work properly done frequently results in financial savings. You won’t have to spend money on expensive mistakes to be fixed if you hire a trained professional, like Valor Home Services. Our skilled team of small project experts can help you find the right door, get all the materials and install it. Creating less stress and work for you! Learn more about our door installation services by calling our team.