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How Much Does it Cost to Install New Floors?

You have been asking, so we want to clear up the air. Here is the breakdown of how much it costs to install new floors.

What does sit cost per square foot for each flooring?

Every flooring type varies in cost. The best way to start your pricing journey is by figuring out the cost per square foot for the flooring itself. Here’s a basic breakdown of each flooring:

As a note, these prices change each year. For future projects, we recommend doing further research.

What are the other factors affecting the cost?

Once you have the flooring, you need to consider labor and material costs. Depending on the company or contractor and the size of the project, the labor of the installation will differ from project to project. The materials will also vary depending on everything that is needed. Some flooring options also have additional coats and stain you can apply to protect the floors even more. If you decide to choose any of these extra features, the price will change as well. The best way to get at least a ballpark estimate is to send photos of what you are wanting, the size of the space and the materials you plan on using to a contractor or company. 

Do you have any offers to help reduce the cost?

Valor Home Services has many offers throughout the year to help reduce the overall costs. The best way to keep up with our latest discounts is on our Facebook page. We also have $910 worth of savings all-year-long on our Deals page. Fill out the form and download the coupons. All our discounts are on labor and installation. If you want discounts on the actual flooring, that will come from the manufacturer or the store you purchase it from. 

If you are looking for a stress-free floor installation company, look no further than Valor Home Services. We have been installing floors in homes for over 25 years. Currently, we are focusing on hardwood, laminate, luxury vinyl and tile. For more information, check out our product catalogs or give us a call